Extraordinary Celebrations in the Year of the Dragon at Pan Pacific Orchard

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Regal, grand, and elegant, the Dragon, a symbol of prestige and majestic grace in mythology, marks a triumphant appearance at Pan Pacific Orchard as the hotel celebrates its inaugural Year of the Dragon since its opening in June 2023. Guests are invited to partake in this special occasion with thoughtfully curated set menus and mindfully crafted gourmet treats. Each offering is as nourishing as it is decadent, perfectly capturing the essence of graceful luxury synonymous with Pan Pacific Orchard.

Chinese Master Chef Leung Wing Cheung

Headlining the festive offerings is the unveiling of a fresh new private dining space poised to be the epicurean destination for Year of the Dragon celebrations—The Chairman’s Lounge, helmed by veteran chef Leung Wing Cheung.

This exclusive sanctuary, accommodating just 16 privileged guests, boasts refined opulence and a distinguished lounge, offering a panoramic view of the Forest Terrace. The interiors of The Chairman’s Lounge are equally mesmerising: a 20-panel calligraphy masterpiece by the late Chua Ek Kay (1947-2008), Cultural Medallion winner and one of Singapore’s most revered artists, takes centre stage in the private dining room. Titled “A Collection of Tang Poetry by Li Bai, Enjoying Wine and Conversation with Scholar Friends” the piece deftly encapsulates 17 poems unified by the overarching themes of feasting, gathering, and imbibing, lending artistic depth and poetic elegance to every dining experience savoured in this exclusive space.

The Chairman’s Lounge

The artistry of The Chairman’s Lounge makes it the perfect stage for the culinary masterpieces from newly-appointed Chinese Master Chef Leung Wing Cheung. Formerly the Executive Chef of Si Chuan Dou Hua—a fine dining Chinese restaurant under the Pan Pacific Hotels Group—the Guangdong native with more than 40 years of experience in Hong Kong and Singapore brings with him unparalleled finesse in both technique and flair.

Chef Leung is famed for his ability to draw out the natural flavours of ingredients with minimal seasoning, a key tenet of Cantonese cuisine that demands astute produce selection and technical sophistication in culinary execution. Working with the choicest premium ingredients—from Australian lobster to wild-caught giant Soon Hock fish, from birds’ nest to matsutake mushrooms—he crafts dishes that are not only visually impressive but also rich in deep, nuanced flavours and perfectly balanced textures. Each creation by Chef Leung is a testament to his mastery and commitment to culinary excellence.

Nourishing reunion menus at The Chairman’s Lounge

For the Year of the Dragon, Chef Leung unveils a series of festive menus at The Chairman’s Lounge, available from 22 January to 24 February 2024. The Delightful set menu is priced at $2,688++ per table of 10 persons, offering a range of exquisite dishes, each more tempting than the last. For those seeking a more opulent experience, the Prosperity and Eternity set menus are available at $2,988++ and $3,288++ per table of 10 persons respectively. Each is meticulously crafted, transcending mere deliciousness to also provide nourishment and well-being for patrons as they step into the grandeur of the new year.

A highlight is the signature Prosperity Exotic Garden Yusheng, which ingeniously features lobster—a play on its Mandarin name, translating to “dragon-prawn.” A delicious departure from the usual yusheng, the dish presents an ensemble of over 20 fresh vegetables and fruits including green and red lettuce, beetroot, turnip, soybean sprouts, cucumber, carrot, mango, and more. The dish is further elevated with unexpected ingredients such as whisky-infused sea cucumber, pistachio, dried pineapple, dried strawberry, and crispy brown rice, creating a harmonious blend of flavours and textures.

The osmanthus sauce, light yet rich in flavour, is a result of Chef Leung’s meticulous process, where dried osmanthus is gently simmered over a low flame for an hour before being infused with homemade vegetable stock. This is complemented by a unique black truffle sauce, enriched with Japanese matsutake mushrooms, which introduces a distinctly luxurious flavour, further intensified by black truffle oil. Crowning this vibrant medley are generous slices of fresh lobster, poached to perfection in a superior stock, adding an exquisite touch to this festive dish.

L-R: Pan-Seared Dried Oyster With Duet Of Traditional Crispy Chicken; Crispy Noodles with Australian Lobster Meat, Ginger and Scallion

The premium crustacean is also featured in a dish of Crispy Noodles with Australian Lobster Meat, Ginger and Scallion, served with a silky egg gravy infused with lobster broth; and a dish of succulent braised Australian lobster with refreshing diced water chestnut and velvety yam paste.

Other creations highlighting luxurious ingredients include the Pan-Seared Dried Oyster With Duet Of Traditional Crispy Chicken, a decadent rendition of the humble dish of lor mai gai (glutinous rice with chicken). In this elevated version, glistening grains of glutinous rice are masterfully combined with rich, silky foie gras, then skilfully stuffed into crisp-skinned chicken. The dish is completed with plump lobes of pan-seared dried oyster, adding a sumptuous depth of flavour to this traditional favourite.

Also featured on the menu is the range of quintessentially Cantonese Double-Boiled Supreme Soup. Painstakingly slow-cooked to enrich every spoonful with the nutrients and flavours extracted from precious ingredients such as fish maw, sea cucumber and fresh crab claw, this soup stands as a labour of love and a testament to Chef Leung’s mindful approach to cooking. This mindfulness also inspires Chef Leung to create gastronomic indulgences with a healthful difference. Think a nutritious Poached Five-Grain Rice with Lobster, Scallop, Sakura Shrimp, Bamboo Clam and Conpoy In Fish Soup, or a dessert of Double-Boiled Bird’s Nest With Rock Sugar Served In Mini Pumpkin. Catering to diverse dietary preferences, a vegetarian set menu is also thoughtfully curated, priced at $188++ per guest.

Auspicious Lunar New Year gourmet takeaways

Apart from the exclusive delicacies served at The Chairman’s Lounge, a collection of auspicious gourmet treats by Chef Leung will also be available for takeaway.

Toss to a year on high with Chef Leung’s signature Prosperity Exotic Garden Yusheng ($118+ for 8-10 persons) layered with spiky sea cucumber and lobster; or herald a bountiful year ahead with a Grand Fortune “Pen Cai”, available at $388+ for 6 persons and $588+ for 10 persons. Served in a claypot, this luxurious dish is packed with prized ingredients and auspicious delicacies including lobster, abalone, sea cucumber, fish maw, goose web, dried oyster, flower mushrooms, quail egg, minced fish rolls, beancurd skin, cordyceps flower and roast duck. These ingredients are nestled amidst layers of yam and Chinese cabbage, all steeped in a rich, nourishing broth that promises to delight the palate and herald a year filled with abundance and good fortune, making it a perfect centrepiece for Lunar New Year celebrations.

L-R: Grand Fortune “Pen Cai; Ingot-shaped Nian Gao with Soya Bean Crisps

Perfect for gifting are a range of beautifully packaged sweets and snacks. A standout in this collection is the multi-layered Ingot-shaped Nian Gao with Soya Bean Crisps ($58+/Portion), a treat that reimagines the classic nian gao with a luxurious kueh lapis twist. Each layer of the soft, subtly sweet nian gao is meticulously crafted, then carefully chilled to set its distinctive ingot shape, symbolising prosperity and good fortune. Complementing these are the Golden Kumquat Coins ($35+/ 300gm), featuring tangy kumquat jam encased in a rich buttery crust; the fragrant Almond Coconut Florentine ($20+/165gm), a marriage of melt-in the-mouth sugee cookie and crunchy florentine, thinly layered for a marvellous play on texture; and the traditional Pineapple Tarts ($35+/ 500gm), offering a perfect balance of sweet and tart that promises to be as delicious as they are auspicious.

Celebrations on a grand scale

Claymore Ballroom

Spread the joy of the Dragon Year to greater heights with Pan Pacific Orchard’s curated Lunar New Year banquet packages. Welcoming guests with a tranquil water feature set amidst a lush green landscape, the Claymore Ballroom perched on the 18th floor is a venue with distinction for grand celebrations ‘in the clouds’, accommodating up to 430 guests for banquets. For more intimate gatherings, the Scott’s Room provides a flexible space for up to 60 persons, which can be divided into two separate areas for added privacy.

From 22 January to 24 February 2024, these elegant venues would be available for a minimum-spend of just $30,000 for Claymore Ballroom, and $7,000 for Scott’s Room. Apart from lavish communal Chinese set menus, ranging from $1,688++ per table of 10 persons for a 6-course menu to $1,988++ per table of 10 persons for an 8-course feast, the
package also includes free flow of soft drinks and Chinese tea, and other thoughtful inclusions such as Mandarin oranges and red packets, and floral centrepieces for all tables, including two VIP centrepieces. Guests spending over $40,000 will be treated to exclusive privileges, such as complimentary canapés and house wines, or a luxurious one-night stay in a Deluxe Room with breakfast for two, ensuring a memorable and festive Lunar New Year experience.

For dining and event enquiries, please email to [email protected].

Lunar New Year goodies are available for pre-order online from 8 January 2024 and for collection/purchase at the lobby of Pan Pacific Orchard on level 2 from 22 January to 24 February 2024. Pre-order of three days in advance is required.

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