JCI Mandarin Singapore Supports Singapore Children’s Society to Make Children Happy This Children’s Day


This Children’s Day, JCI Mandarin Singapore, a non-profit youth organisation is supporting Singapore Children’s Society to put smiles on the faces of children and youths in need through an online fundraising campaign.

Ending on 31st October, the theme of this ongoing fundraising campaign is “Make a Child Happy This Children’s Day”. This is done through the Give2Children (G2C) platform, the crowdfunding platform which is created by Singapore Children’s Society.

COVID-19 pandemic has changed many of our daily lives, including social activities. To the children and youths, they may find it emotionally harder to understand and cope. As COVID-19 restrictions limit their social interactions and access to sources of social support, their mental wellbeing may have taken a toll.

Project Chairperson Yeo Hui Qi shared, “Back then when I was a kid, I’ve always looked forward to
Children’s Day. I hope that this Children’s Day can still be meaningful, even during these difficult times. With just a tap from your smartphone, you can share your love with children, youth and families in need.”

The fundraising target on the G2C platform is $30,000 and JCI Mandarin Singapore hopes that this amount can support the Society with their services.

Spreading love to children in need

With a belief of “service to humanity is the best work of life”, JCI Mandarin Singapore wanted to help Children’s Society continue its meaningful work accumulated over the last 69 years.

One of its long-standing services includes Tinkle Friend, a national toll-free helpline and chatline for all primary school children in Singapore who need a listening ear. The helpline started in 1984 and the phones are still ringing today. There was an increase in online chats last year and a qualitative analysis of the chats from April to July 2020 surfaced some of the difficulties children experienced, including negative parent-child interactions due to higher parental stress, an inability to meet with friends, and difficulty in contacting their out-of-home social support figures, including teachers and school counsellors.

Manned by trained volunteers and staff, Tinkle Friend provides support, advice and information to lonely and distressed children, especially in situations when their parents or main caregivers are unavailable. This is just one of many services and programmes that Children’s Society runs to protect and nurture children and youth of all races and religions. The Society is largely funded through donations from corporates and the general public and Ms Joyce Teng, Senior Director, Community Engagement and Partnerships for Singapore Children’s Society shared that almost all of its physical fundraising events were postponed, modified, or cancelled over the past 18 months, resulting in reduced donation sources.

“Join us for the fundraising campaign and spread more love to these children and youths in need – You will experience the warm feeling of doing a good deed. A simple act of kindness goes a long way in making an impact on the future generation,” Hui Qi said.

2021 President of JCI Mandarin Singapore, Valerie Gay highlighted: ”In JCI, our projects constantly try to work towards the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, or UNSDG in short. This fundraising campaign, “Make a Child Happy This Children’s Day”, will fuel SDG 11, Sustainable Cities and Communities. Moreover, this project encourages and promotes effective partnerships to help beneficiaries like Singapore Children’s Society. This is a great reflection of SDG 17, Partnership for the Goals.”

Make a child happy this Children’s Day, and it will make your day too.

How can you help?

Your gift can help cover a child’s expenses, support a child’s physiological and safety needs.
Example of how your donations may help:
• $45 covers one month of pocket money for one child
• $50 covers one month of transportation cost for one child
• $90 covers one month of meal costs for one child
• $150 can buy groceries for a small family (2-3) for a month
Donating is simple and secure. All funds raised will go directly to the general funds of Singapore Children’s Society. Both personal and corporate donations will qualify for 2.5 times tax deduction.

Make your donation now at https://g2c.childrensociety.org.sg/campaigns/jci-mandarin-make-a-child-happy.

Share this campaign and encourage your family and friends to contribute to the next generation too!

Featured Image credit: Singapore Children’s Society


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