Playeum opens Asia’s first Children’s Centre for Creativity

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Playeum opens Asia’s first Children’s Centre for Creativity and it is the first of its kind to have a dedicated creative space for children from 1 to 12 years old located at Gillman Barracks, the key regional visual arts hub. 

Playeum launched its first exhibition “The Art of Speed!” which is inspired by the Formula 1 season from 19 September 2015 to 3 April 2016 with a set of interlinked, participative experiences, children can explore the essence of speed through diverse sensory and open-ended environments.

The experience is based around four different but interconnected spaces that allows for inspiration to travel in all directions. This proved to be very popular as many parents were seen bringing their children to the centre when we visited the place.

Children can look forward to enjoy playing and learning through experiential play in an unstructured, unconstrained environment and use their imagination and creativity to the fullest throughout the process. 



The centre featured four curated spaces, The Main Space, The Play Maker Space, The Dark Space and The Workshop with the aim for families and children to play, create, explore and participate in meaningful, interactive open-ended activities.

Let’s start with The Main Space, children get to explore their creativity by experimenting with long rubber strips as race tracks and to make it challenging, they can explore with using cardboard tubes to create tunnels, putting stools underneath their race tracks to create obstacles. Experiment and find out how to “zoom” their cars faster, what will work and how to overcome those obstacles that they have created. 


At the same area, children are delighted to see lots of LEGO bricks where they can get to build their own LEGO cars. 


The boys can’t wait to launch their cars down the huge community ramp and they are having fun competing with each other to see whose car would go faster! They can do this over and over again.

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The Dark Space is an interesting concept by Creative Director Isabelle Desjeux allows children to explore and experiment with working on their shadows by moving closer towards and or further away from the lamp. Over here, the boys are trying to compete with each other shadow to be bigger and taller than the other one. 


The Play Maker Space where children and parents can enjoy creating their own unique projects with a wide range of materials and tools including recycled materials. 


The boys spend time creating their own projects using cardboard, strings, ribbons, plastic bottles, straws and many materials enough for you to create your own special item.


For the younger children, there is a smaller dedicated play area just for them to explore with ramps, car play and with multisensory opportunities. 

The Workshop at Playeum offered innovative stimulating programs and aim to instill fuller engagement through its multi-disciplinary play. You can even host your birthday parties and special celebrations at its venue.

Playeum is a not-for-profit, independent organization with a mission to promote children’s creativity. For more details on Playeum and its workshops, please click HERE.


The boys love Playeum and infact they keep telling us that they want to go back and play some more! Sure, we will be back!

Additional Information

Playeum, The Children’s Centre for Creativity is located at Gillman Barracks

Blk 47, Malan Road

Gillman Barracks


Singapore 109444

Opening Hours:

10am to 6pm and closed on all Mondays and Christmas Day. 


Child (1 to 12) $20

Accompanying adult: Free

Additional Adult: $10


Promotional rate for school and groups at $10 per student.



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