Let’s Feast 兔 (to)gether with Mouth-Watering Offerings from Stamford Catering’s Chinese New Year 2023 Menus

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Chinese New Year is coming, as we usher in the Year of the Rabbit, let’s feast 兔 (to)gether with mouth-watering offerings from Stamford Catering’s Chinese New Year 2023 menus for a sumptuous, delicious reunion celebration and dining with our family and friends!

Here’s the key highlights of delectable Chinese New Year offerings from Stamford Catering as follows: 

Bountiful Feasting of Culinary Delights

Take the celebrations to new levels with Stamford Catering’s three specially curated festive feasts ‘Fortune’, ‘Prosperous’ and ‘Abundance”, filled with modern fusions and perennial classics that promise something for everybody. These feasts are scalable to different party sizes, with the regular buffet feast for 30 pax and up, while mini feast and party sets are perfect for small gatherings.

Express wishes of prosperity and wealth for the upcoming year with the Fortune Feast (福兔贺岁). After kicking off the reunion meal with the Luxurious Crispy Salted Egg Fish Skin Platter Yu Sheng (鸿运脆鱼皮吉祥鱼生), impress your guests with the Modern Nonya Prawn with a Twist (现代娘惹虾) that features strawberries, adding a delightfully tangy and fruity note to this well-loved Peranakan dish.

The meal gets even better with sumptuous courses such Oven Baked Sticky Lemon & Pepper Mid Wings with Garlic Crumbs (柠檬椒盐香鸡中翅), Battered Fish Fillet with Cured Green Papaya Fizzy Aioli (香炸鱼片拼青木瓜奶油酱), Crispy Pressed Tofu with Duo Salted Egg & Crumbles (咸蛋黄酥炸豆腐) and Chilled Mango & Aloe Vera Jelly with Fresh Fruits & Coconut Milk (芒果芦荟椰奶西米露) to end off the meal.

Start off the Prosperous Feast (宏兔大展) by tossing to success and health with the Prosperity Imperial Abalone Treasure Yu Sheng (貴妃鲍风生水起鱼生), then proceed to feast on the Crispy Salted Egg & Cornflakes Honey Milk Roasted Chicken (金沙燕麦咸蛋 烧鲜鸡)- a centrepiece that is sure to enthral your family by hitting all the flavour notes! Sweet, spicy and savoury, thanks to its unique combination of crispy cornflakes and fragrant golden salted egg yolk further enhanced by buttermilk.

Continue the spread with tantalising dishes such as Snapper Fillet with Citrus & Ginger Shoyu (炬酸姜汁红鱼片), Coconut Infused Herbal Prawns with Goji Berries (椰香药膳虾), Sautéed Nai Bai w Dried Shiitake Mushroom, Baby Scallop in Abalone Sauce (舞菌脆贝 鲍鱼汁奶白), Stir Fry Succulent Beef Fillet w Lily Bulb & Asparagus in Pink Pepper Sauce (百合红椒酱爆牛肉片), Wok Fry Rice with Crabmeat & Scallop w Shacha Sauce (蟹肉干贝 炒沙茶饭) and wrap up the meal with Chilled Double Boiled Papaya with Dates and White Fungus (木瓜银耳甜汤).

Make your stay-home feast a glorious one with the Abundance Feast (銀兔滿堂)! Start your feast of Chinese delicacies with the tossing of the Abundant Smoked Salmon Treasure Yu Sheng (挪威烟熏鲑鱼大丰收鱼生). Next up, lift spirits and nourish souls with the Imperial 8 Treasure Herbal Chicken with Chicken Essence (鸡精八宝药膳帝王鸡) which features succulent chicken stewed in an exquisite master stock, topped with nutritious chicken essence and infused with the aroma of 8 treasured herbs.

The extravagant feast continues with the Oven Baked Spiced Salmon Fillet with Chilli, Asparagus & Lime Butter (烤三文鱼片拼牛油柠香酱). A modern addition to the festive line-up, salmon fillets are marinated with a spice mixture of paprika, Cajun and peppers, baked to perfection and brighten with a fragrant chilli-infused creamy lime butter sauce. Set a bountiful tone for the upcoming year with the Fortune Seafood Treasure (一品海味宝), which is chockfull of hearty goodness like sea cucumber, scallop, prawn and duck breast set atop a bed of shitake mushrooms, daikon and Napa cabbage. Don’t miss out on the Chilled Pu-Er Tea with Dried Longan, Gingko Nuts & Honey Peach Collagen Dessert (桃胶滋补普洱龙眼糖水) too for a refreshing and pleasurable end to the meal.

Celebrating with The Colleagues

Celebrate Lunar New Year in the office with festive bento boxes (from $20.80+ per set, min. 10 sets) as a convenient and fuss-free option. Visually bright and vibrant, the bento boxes are offered in 4 different variations which are individualized portions of the earlier mentioned Fortune, Prosperous and Abundance feast, and a vegetarian option. All sets come with a serving of complimentary Chilled Pu-Er Tea with Dried Longan, Gingko Nuts & Honey Peach Collagen Dessert (桃胶滋补普洱龙眼糖水) symbolizing wishes for a sweet life into the new year. 

The tossing of Yu Sheng is great for colleagues to come together and soak in the festive spirit. However, if gathering together isn’t an option, fret not! Toss your way to advancement in wealth, health and more with individual portions of the Prosperity Fruity Yu Sheng (春节果蔬鱼生) available at $8+ per portion (min 10 portions).

Reunion Bundles That Know HUAT’s Up

What’s a celebration without a little festive feasting? Leave guests’ bellies filled and satisfied to the brim with our auspicious line-up of traditional Chinese delicacies packed in reunion bundles delivered to your doorstep.

Feast your way to good health and prosperity with the Magnificent Reunion Bundle (富 贵吉祥) ($228+), the Golden Reunion Bundle (金玉满堂) ($288+) or the Harmonious Reunion Bundle (团团圆圆) ($358+). Each bundle serves eight to ten pax generously and includes Abundant Smoked Salmon Treasure Yu Sheng (挪威烟熏鲑鱼大丰收捞起), doubling the “yu” (surplus) for double the abundance throughout the year!

Choose from a plethora of sumptuous dishes such as the Hong Kong Roasted Pi Pa Chicken (港式琵琶烧鸡), Eight Treasure Lotus Leaf Rice Parcel (八宝荷叶饭), Fortune Abalone Imperial Treasure Pun Choy (滋补鲍鱼金装盆菜), Fruity Peking Duck Wraps with Crepes (北京片皮鸭拼果酱), Abalone & Seafood Claypot Rice (一品鲍鱼海鲜砂煲饭) and the Superior Ginseng & Abalone Treasure Pun Choy (顶级人参鲍鱼富贵盆菜). 

Ring in The New Year with Time-Honoured Classics

A symbol of good luck, prosperity, abundance and fortune, the tossing of Yu Sheng is a time-honoured tradition in New Year’s feasting. Toss your Yu Sheng high to better fortunes with the premium Fortune Abalone Treasure Yu Sheng (发财鲍鱼宏图大展捞起 鱼生) ($68.80+), Abundant Smoked Salmon Treasure Yu Sheng (挪威烟熏鲑鱼大丰收捞起 鱼生) ($42.80+), the Luxurious Crispy Salted Egg Fish Skin Yu Sheng (鸿运咸蛋脆鱼皮吉祥 捞起鱼生) ($33.80+) or the Fortune Vegetarian Yu Sheng (百灵菇万事如意捞起鱼生) ($29.80+).

Make your stay-home feast a glorious one with claypot dishes. Served in complementary claypots, these dishes symbolise auspicious celebration and abundance.

For a deliciously extravagant affair, opt for the Fortune Abalone Imperial Treasure Pun Choy (滋补鲍鱼金装盆菜) ($168.80+). Teeming with premium ingredients such as abalone, scallop, sea cucumber, duck, prawns, fish maw and Japanese Shiitake mushrooms, stewed in superior stock and conpoy sauce, this showstopper will bring just the right amount of flair to any table.

Other highlights include Joyful Ocean Treasure Pot with Pacific Clam and Sea Cucumber (喜庆吉祥山珍海中宝) ($118.80+), Superior Ginseng and Abalone Treasure Pun Choy (顶级人参鲍鱼富贵盆菜) ($198.80+), Good Fortune Claypot with Dried Oyster, Conpoy and Smoked Duck (团圆迎春好市发财煲) ($88.80+) and not missing out Prosperity Treasure Vegetarian Pun Choy (富贵吉祥素满盆) ($58.80+).

Named for its resemblance to the Chinese string instrument, the Hong Kong Roasted Pi Pa Chicken (港式琵琶烧鸡) ($35.80+) will bless the table with good luck and prosperity. The wholeness of the chicken echoes prosperity sentiment, signifying a good beginning and end to the year. Nothing is more satisfying than enjoying this juicy chicken, roasted to golden-brown perfection with the aroma of five-spice seasoning.

Fans of braised dishes will love the Braised Duck with Herbal Glutinous Rice & Sea Cucumber (当归糯米海参鸭) ($68.80+). Cooked low and slow in oyster sauce and stock, the melt-in-your-mouth duck with the savoury sticky glaze and gorgeous savoury mushrooms, makes for repeat servings with the herbal glutinous rice stuffed inside.

Stamford Catering’s CNY 2023 menus are available to order now for functions between 3 January 2023 – 12 February 2023 via Stamfordcs.com.sg.

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