Paper Monkey Theatre presents 云儿朵朵 My Cloud 2024

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Paper Monkey Theatre’s mission in 2024 is to “Love and Protect Our Earth.” Throughout their year-round performances and events, they will emphasize the importance of environmental conservation. They hope to instill the concept of practicing a green lifestyle among children through their puppetry.   

Their 1st puppet show in 2024 is “My Cloud,” and is set to debut at the Stamford Arts Centre’s Black Box Theatre on March 2nd and 3rd! This performance is suitable for children aged 4 to 9. The story revolves around a child who, with the help of a talking cloud, embarks on a thrilling and courageous journey to explore the mysteries of the universe and understand the significance of protecting the environment. Children can learn valuable life skills, such as facing challenges like bullying and improving communication skills.


A young child, holding a cloud connected by a rope, summoned courage and embarked on a journey of bravery and self-discovery. This cloud, serving as a speaking companion, guided the child through an adventurous expedition. Similar to cloud computing, this cloud is knowledgeable, versatile, and possesses abundant resources.

MY CLOUD is highly suitable for primary 3 and below children. The plot is filled with fun, vibrancy, and imagination, with strong interactive elements.

Paper Monkey Theatre has crafted a free and creative world for the tender minds of young children in MY CLOUD.

*Free seating

Admission Rules

Rating/Age Limit
– Admission is subject to tickets produced at the entrance.
– Infants in arms or children below the age of 4 shall not be admitted.
– Children aged 4 years and above must purchase ticket for admission.

Late Seating Advisory
– You are strongly advised to be seated before the performance start time.
– Latecomers will be admitted during suitable breaks, if any.
– Exceptions may be made at Paper Monkey Theatre’s discretion depending on the nature of the performance.

Photography/Video Recording Rules
– No unauthorised photography, video and audio recording is allowed for this event.
– Please note that photographs and videos of patrons may be taken at this event for use in our archival and publicity material.

Help Us Keep Everyone Safe
– Strictly no food & beverage allowed in the performance venues.
– Stay at home if you’re unwell.





  1. 自由入座,先到先得。
  2. 只限四岁以上儿童观看演出。
  3. 迟到者将按照猴纸剧坊规定的入场方式和时间入座。
  4. 演出场地不得食用任何餐饮。
  5. 身体如有不适,请勿前往演出场地,并在家休息。
  6. 演出进行时,学校师生不得拍照、擅自截图、录音和录影分享。版权所有,翻印必究

2 March Saturday 11am
2 March Saturday 1pm
2 March Saturday 3pm
3 March Sunday 11am
3 March Sunday 1pm

Jan 21 – Mar 3, 2024
[ Sun ] – [ Sun ]
5:00 PM

Stamford Arts Centre
Waterloo Street, #155 Singapore

To find out more and purchase the tickets, please go to


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