Yuè (乐) Restaurant at Aloft Singapore Novena Introduces A Culinary Symphony of Modern Chinese Delights in the World’s Largest Aloft Hotel with over 130 Exquisite Dishes

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Aloft Singapore Novena, the world’s largest Aloft hotel located at Zhongshan Park, has added a harmonious touch to its culinary offerings with the launch of Yuè (乐), a music-inspired Chinese restaurant. Led by renowned Executive Sous Chef Awyeong Kin, Yuè seamlessly blends traditional Chinese cuisine with a contemporary twist, offering an exceptional culinary experience for music lovers, gourmands, and connoisseurs alike. The restaurant’s extensive menu, featuring over 130 delectable selections, each dish playfully references popular song titles, adding a layer to the dining experience evoking nostalgia and fond memories. With its extensive lineup of signature dishes, Yuè creates a lasting culinary connection, making every encounter with these melodic-inspired creations a return to the restaurant’s unique charm.

Look forward to indulge in their delicious dishes as follows:

招牌咸蛋奶油青柠酱龙虾, Lobster with Creamy Milk and Salted Egg Lime Sauce, seasonal price

Chef Awyeong’s culinary masterpiece, the Lobster with Creamy Milk and Salted Egg Lime Sauce, is a symphony of taste. The succulent lobster and creamy milk sauce create a perfect harmony, while the Salted Egg Lime Sauce adds a vibrant and zesty dimension. This dish, a blend of tradition and innovation, is set to captivate the palates of connoisseurs and food enthusiasts alike.

人生不过三杯泸州老窖紫砂 (三杯泸州老窖紫砂童子鸡) Spring Chicken in Luzhou Laojiao Zisha Tequila, $48

A reimagined rendition of the classic spring chicken, the dish introduces Luzhou Laojiao Zisha Tequila for a creative infusion. The result is a mixture of smoky, earthy, and aromatic notes elevated by the complex flavours of tequila. This dish is a testament to Yuè’s commitment to innovative and bold culinary experiences.

南瓜车 (南瓜蟹肉带子羹), Pumpkin Broth, Crabmeat and Scallop, $12 (per person) / $45 (Small) / $90 (Big)

Celebrating the finest in gustation and texture, the Pumpkin Broth, Crabmeat, and Scallop soup offer a velvety pumpkin broth melded with the sweetness of pumpkin, briny crabmeat, and plump scallops. Chef Awyeong transforms humble ingredients into an epicurean odyssey that celebrates simplicity and sophistication.

我跨过忘川和波岸(川味白灼牛肉片)Poached Sliced Beef with Sze Chuan Peppercorn, $32 (Small) / $64 (Big)

The Poached Sliced Beef with Sze Chuan Peppercorn tantalises the taste buds with a symphony of bold flavours and spices. Thin, succulent slices of beef poached to perfection result in a tender, melt-in-your-mouth texture, providing a satisfying and unforgettable dining experience.

Lunch Specials:

Yuè’s curated lunch menu offers scrumptious options for a midday escape. Dive into the comforting embrace of Yuè’s silky Congee, a warm and nourishing choice that comes in four different types of condiments to choose from – Abalone and Homemade Chicken Balls ($20), Pumpkin and Scallops ($16), Sweet Potato and Fish ($12) or Minced and Sliced Pork with Poached and Century Eggs ($10). Each set is served with charcoal fritters set with a flavourful crunch.

For those craving heartier options, savour the aromatic Rice in Broth served in three different variations – Chicken in Pumpkin Broth ($16), Prawn, Scallop and Fish in Seafood Broth ($20), or an entire half-a-kilogramme worth of lobster at $88 per diner. Every spoonful unveils layers of flavour and depth that will leave patrons craving for more.

Finally, wash the medley of delicious cuisine down with Yuè’s signature dessert – 一枝孤枝 Chilled Mango Sago with Lime Sorbet ($8). This exquisite treat offers a refreshing and harmonious blend of flavours that provides the perfect sweet ending to a fulfilling meal.

Whether you seek a quick yet flavourful bite or a scrumptious, multi-course affair, Yuè’s menu strikes the perfect balance of convenience and culinary excellence. The restaurant’s commitment to combining traditional Chinese cuisine with a contemporary twist, along with its music-inspired theme, makes it a must-visit for those looking to embark on a unique and delightful culinary journey.

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For more information on the menu and current promotions, please visit https://www.yuesingapore.com/

Yuè @ Aloft

Address: 16 Ah Hood Road, Singapore 329982

Tel: +65 6808 6846

Email: [email protected]


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  1. The food and services at Yue are so good, thanks for sharing your promo code, we enjoyed our meal!