5-1 Injections

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Gor Gor says:

I went for my 3rd and 4th injections at NUH on 30 March at 3.45pm. The last time when I went for my 1st and 2nd injections, my parents were so worried that I will cry, they said I am very brave, I only cry briefly when I was being injected and after that I was alright. I didn’t have a fever, that is a huge relief to my parents and grandparents.
When we reached the clinic, the nurses recognized Mummy and said I have grown so much, I looked like a six months old baby. They told Mummy that I look like her and have Daddy’s height. When I was born, I look exactly like my Daddy and now I begin to look like Mummy, they said I have Mummy’s eyes and Daddy’s nose. The nurse told Mummy that I am very handsome. When the nurse plays with me, I keep laughing and smiling at her, she is so sweet trying to put me at ease as she will be the one injecting me later.
My doctor who is the head of department for Neonatology at NUH carefully and patiently do a detailed checkup on me. He told Mummy that I am considered big but still in proportion. My weight now is 8.6kg and length is 68cm according to the chart, I am at the 97% and my head circumference is 41 cm, at 70% according to the chart. I am at my fourth month now.
Mummy didn’t get to see me being injected as she needs to go over to the pharmacy to get Rotarix Vaccine. I am the first baby in the clinic to use this as Daddy insists that I use this new medication. Daddy is in a meeting so Mummy and Grandma brought me to the clinic. My Grandma accompanied me when I was being injected by the nurses, when Mummy hurried back, I was already sleeping. They told Mummy that I cried briefly and then fell asleep but they have to wake me up again to squirt the vaccine into my mouth. I wake up and find that they are trying to coax me into opening my mouth, oh no, not again, I cry. I know they are trying to comfort me, I hear them saying try not to make me split the vaccine out and I didn’t. Mummy keeps comforting me Good boy! Good boy!


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