50 Greatest Photographs of National Geographic at ArtScience Museum

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I am sure many of you are familiar with National Geographic. ArtScience Museum‘s latest exhibits for the first time in Southeast Asia brings together 50 of the most remembered and celebrated photographs from the National Geographic magazine. The magazine has a long history of 125 years!


Come and join us to see and learn about the stories behind the iconic photographs which are on display.  


National Geographic magazines are placed around the exhibition for visitors to read. 


We fully agreed, well said!


This is the first photo that visitors will see when they entered the exhibition. Look at the intensity of the lion’s eyes. Each photo has a detailed write up about the behind the photograph story. The photographer and his family stayed in the park and he took 18 months to connect with the lions to take this stunning photo.


2nd photo of a family sleeping together. The origins of the photo, the photographer traveled to Mali to observe how the drought was affecting the Tuareg nomads. Fell asleep with the local family, woke up and took this glowing picture.


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These are some of the beautiful, stunning and amazing photos that we saw at the exhibition.


The photographer’s passion for cave diving led him to remote location around the world and he was able to capture stunning photos like the one above.


Look at this tall photo, it must be tallest one that we have seen so far. It took the photographer and his team 3 weeks to take the picture. They have to digitally stitch 84 images together to form this picture.  The greater cause behind this photo is the photographer wanted public to love and start caring for these precious old trees. 


The most iconic photo of National Geographic, a Afghan Girl which was taken in 1985. 


This photo is the same Afghan girl 17 years later. 

We would like to thank our guide from the museum above who did such a good job in explaining to us the photos, its meaning and the story behind the photos.


This is the iconic image of Jane Goodall with a chimpanzee on how human connect with animal and our planet.


At the exhibition, you can write your thoughts on a ribbon on how you want to re-connect with our planet. 


Gor Gor writing his thoughts down on how he wants to connect with our planet and hopes that everyone will do his/her part to help save it. This is a good reminder for all of us. 


After writing down your thoughts, visitors can place their ribbons on the planet like structure. 


24 25

Wide range of photography equipment are on display. Younger generations can get to see how the old equipment look like. 

Gor Gor has a good time reading and learning about all these photography tools and techniques used. 

At the exhibition, you not only get to see and know more about photography, you get to be hands on at the workshops.


We attended the Fun with Photograms workshop. At the workshop, we learn how to create our own photograms in a darkroom setting. We also learn about the basic darkroom techniques using traditional print photography methods. 


The above are the objects that we have chosen to create our own photograms. Guess which one belong to Gor Gor?

Answer: Yes, the lego pieces!


We need to dip our photos in different solutions and after that our friendly instructors will help to blow dry the photo with a hair dryer to complete the whole process. The friendly and knowledgeable instructors make the workshop fun and engaging for us. Thanks to our lovely instructors!


Gor Gor’s photogram is completed!

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You can get to customize your magazine cover. Gor Gor has fun trying out different poses.

Thank you

Join the ‘What’s your story’ contest

Here’s how to join the contest, you can either download a copy of this yellow-frame, cut it out, and take a photo with it. Caption the photo in 20 words or less, and submit your entry to the contest tab:http://on.fb.me/17a6SxV 

Alternatively, you can also go down to these locations with the iconic yellow frames like the above picture where Gor Gor is standing which is located just outside the ArtScience Museum and the other one is situated at HarbourFront MRT. One lucky winner will stand the chance to win a S$500 shopping voucher at Marina Bay Sands and a 1 night’s stay at Marina Bay Sands.

Hurry the contest will end on the 6 October 2013. For more information of the contest please click this link

Our Parenting World would like to thank the kind and lovely organisers from ArtScience Museum, our museum guide, the instructors at the workshop and ArtScience Museum team for inviting us!

Visit the museum, see the stunning iconic photos, learn about the stories behind each photo and understand more about photography. Register for the workshops and they are all complimentary to ticket holders. 

Please click this link to see the list of the workshops that are available and its timing. Kindly note that the workshops are recommended for adults and children above 6 years old only. Register half an hour before the start of the workshop session and it is only up to 20 participants. 

50 Greatest Photographs of National Geographic is on from now till 27 October 2013.  




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