6 Reasons to Buy a New Mattress


Sleep is an incredibly important, yet often overlooked part of our daily routine. Our bodies literally depend on this downtime to recharge, regenerate and heal. However, not all sleep is the same. How long and how often you sleep are both just variables in a much larger equation. You also need to factor in how well you sleep. Since the quality of sleep is largely dictated by your mattress, here are some of the main reasons to buy a new mattress.  

Yours Is Too Old

If you can’t remember when you bought your current mattress, there is a good chance that it is too old. Mattresses, just like anything else, have a shelf life. Most quality mattresses will last you for about 8 years or so before they lose their properties. Once that happens, you generally start risking getting poor sleep every night. 

How can you tell that your mattress has lost all of its properties? Simple, just lay down on a brand new one. The reason why so many people postpone getting a new mattress is the gradual nature of deterioration. In other words, you most likely won’t even notice that your mattress is in need of replacement, since it has deteriorated in minute increments.

You Can’t Find a Comfortable Sleeping Position Anymore 

Different mattresses lose their properties in different ways. This has a lot to do with the materials the mattress is made of, how it was put together, what dampening technologies were used in making that mattress, and more. What all of them have in common is the utter sense of discomfort they provide once they fail. 

If you’re finding it more and more difficult to get comfortable when you go to sleep at night, there’s a good chance that your mattress is the culprit. Hit your local store and try out one of their models. If you feel that you’re able to relax and find a comfy spot there, you’ll know what the problem is.

Waking Up Tired 

Waking up tired is arguably one of the worst feelings in the world. It’s worse than not getting any sleep at all, because at least then you know why you feel like a freight train hit you. What most people don’t know is that waking up tired is a product of a bad mattress. This symptom of poor quality of sleep is even worse than the previous point on this guide since it’s nowhere near as obvious. 

Many people are perfectly capable of finding a comfy spot when they go to sleep, only to wake up tired. And this page offers more about what makes a good mattress and how to avoid the feeling of tiredness. All in all, it all comes down to getting a quality replacement for your existing setup.

Your Mattress Doesn’t Look Right 

Aesthetics aren’t a decisive factor when it comes to sleep. That munch is obvious. However, aesthetics can tell you if there’s something wrong with your mattress, or your bed for that matter, long before you feel that something is wrong. 

For example, a mattress that sags is a tell-tale sign that you’ll need to purchase a new one pretty soon. That sag is caused by material fatigue. In other words, the mattress is no longer able to properly support any weight in that particular section. That being said, if you see one part of the mattress sagging, you can rest assured that the rest of the mattress will soon be the same. 

There’s Physical Damage to the Mattress

Damaged mattresses are a fairly common sight in many households around the country. Whether you’ve managed to somehow damage the mattress, or your pet did, most people pay very little attention to such details. A visibly damaged mattress is a compromised mattress. Any tearing on the outside is like an all-inclusive invite to various critters to come on in. 

Most of them are fairly malevolent, but some aren’t. Dust mites can definitely affect your quality of sleep, cause you to wake up feeling stuffy and generally feel miserable while you sleep. Sure, a damaged mattress isn’t a pressing issue for many, but it is a solid indicator that you should consider getting a new one sooner rather than later.

Your Needs have Changed 

Our mattresses aren’t the only ones that are changing with age. The user changes as well. What you considered to be a comfortable mattress a decade ago may no longer suit you. This issue is even more relevant as you grow older. The increment of time in which your preferences change becomes shorter as you mature in age. 

If you’re already in the best years of your life, and your last mattress purchase was 5-10 years ago, there is a very real chance that your comfort levels have significantly changed since then. A new mattress is sometimes an actual necessity for those whose bodies are starting to show signs of wear. 

There’s nothing worse than suffering chronic back pain and then having to deal with a mattress that is working against you, or a pillow that should have been replaced by a quality alternative a long time ago. If you feel that your joints ache or that your back is tensed up, do yourself a favor and look into getting a new mattress. It may not completely solve your issue, but it most definitely won’t make it any worse. That fact alone makes a world of difference in some cases. 

Invest In Yourself 

It’s no secret that mattresses aren’t exactly the most affordable thing in the world. Yet, so much of your life is dependent on you getting good quality sleep that no price is too much. A good mattress is an investment in your health and your future. 

It’s a buy once, cry once type of purchase, meaning that it’s in your best interest to get the highest quality mattress you can afford at any given moment. Give yourself a week of sleeping on a fresh mattress, and you’ll understand just how much of an impact it makes on your daily life. Don’t underestimate sleep, invest in yourself!


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