Academic checklist for parents with Primary 1 child

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This is the follow-up on the earlier post on “School holiday is coming”

Mummy says:
Gor Gor just started his school holiday. He has completed 10 weeks (1 school term) of schooling already. Many parents who have P1 kids maybe wondering about the progress of their child, relative to other children, especially now that most schools no longer have any formal assessment (eg CA1, SA1) for Primary 1 anymore.
As parents, you should have an overall plan for your child. The end point is to do well for PSLE exam.
If we take 1 school term as 1 study block, in a year, there are 4 study blocks. Thus, from the beginning of school for Primary 1 to PSLE exam, there will be total of 23 study blocks (not 24 as PSLE exams is normally held in the last school term in Primary 6, thus that block is not counted).
For Gor Gor, he has completed 1 out of 23 study blocks. He has 22 study blocks to go until PSLE. Each study block milestone is very important as it will ensure he is on track to excel in his PSLE exam.
So, if your child is in Primary 1 this year, you can use this academic competency checklist developed by both Mummy and Daddy to benchmark your child.
1. English :
a) Able to do his weekly spelling test with scores of at least 90% and above. The 10 words weekly spelling tests are quite easy and with regular guidance, your child should be scoring full marks. Some of the words are like “father”, “brother”, “paddled”, “elephant”.
b) Able to read story books like “Beast Quest” or “Geronimo Stilton” on his own and able to understand the story and knows at least 90% of the words in the book.
c) Able to differentiate singular and plural fairly well.
2. Maths:
a) Able to do simple addition like 7+5 well.
b) Able to understand simple problem sums like “John has 4 apples, his mother gave him another 3, how many apples does he have all together?”
c) Able to understand and do simple number bond addition, like 7 and 5 equals 12.
3. Chinese
a) Able to read basic hanyu pinyin words like : māma , dìdi.
b) Able to recognise simple Chinese characters like 哥哥, 弟弟, 排队, 礼貌.
c) Able to do his weekly pinyin spelling with scores of at least 90% and above. The writing for the pinyin should be accurate.

This is what is required by his school for Chinese which we find that it is very useful to share with other parents:

1)Legible handwriting.

2)To be careful when they put in the sound tone when they are writing han yu pin yin. It should not be too far away or too near to the alphabet. At the same time, it should not be so big that it covers other alphabet.

3) It is required to write han yu pin yin in small letters and not with capital letters.

4) There are certain alphabet that are written differently from English way of writing namely “q” and “t”. “q” should not have a “tail” at the end and t should have be written with a little curve at the end and not a straight line like 1..
If your Primary 1 child is able to do these above, he should be around top 30% of the cohort. If he is weak in some of these areas, you should take the school holidays to help him revise on the weaker areas.


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