ACT 3 International presents The Curious Adventures of Pinocchio – REVIEW

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ACT 3 International presents ‘The Curious Adventures of Pinocchio’ marks the return of Lyngo Theatre, the popular U.K. based Children’s Theatre company, whose last show here ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ in September 2016, captivated audiences with its atmospheric setting, original music, ingenious use of specially-designed handmade props and riveting acting by Patrick Lynch, who is also Artistic Director of Lyngo Theatre. 

In this production, audiences can look forward to a magical escape into the world of crickets, cats and foxes that seem to have leapt out of old and dusty books! As strings are pulled and pages are turned, who ‘nose’ if Pinocchio might become a real boy and find his father?

publicity Image - Pinocchio

We have been looking forward to catch the show, if you have read or watched the story of Pinocchio, you would be familiar with this wooden puppet boy especially when he is lying, his nose will grow.  ‘The Curious Adventures of Pinocchio’ is presented by Artistic Director, Patrick Lynch who is a master storyteller specialising in children’s theatre since 2003. The entire show is put together and presented by just Patrick himself who captured the audience’s attention with his skillful portray of various characters coupled with creative props and building up the audience’s moods with enchanting music. 

The stage is a simple set up with piles of books and innovative handmade props. Pinocchio comes alive with Patrick’s mastery in story-telling that brings us to the magical world as we join in the adventure with Pinocchio. Patrick often tickles us and made us laugh with his funny jokes and trigger our imagination thinking who and what will Pinocchio experience next? Many in the audience especially the kids are also curious how did Patrick operate the props while telling the story? 

Our little boy was wide-eyed throughout the show and listening attentively to the story. He too was wondering how did the props work? Fortunately at the end of the show, Patrick will have a questions and answers session where you can ask him questions. We have learnt many things about Patrick’s techniques in operating the props which we will leave you to find out when you watched the show.

The part that impressed us the most is the part how did Patrick grow the “nose” as Pinocchio? He uses ice cream cones, place it one by one to present Pinocchio’s long nose and after that he will crush all of them so skillfully and quickly when Pinocchio’s long nose went back to normal once he promises not to lie.

Patrick will have a Questions and Answers session at the end of the show where he will share and answer queries that you may have and clear your doubts on how he operates. We see many children are eager to ask him questions and are excited with the show! It is truly an enjoyable experiences for all of us! 

Bring your little one to watch ‘The Curious Adventures of Pinocchio’ and be amazed with Patrick Lynch’s mastery in story-telling when he brings the story of Pinocchio to life!

ACT 3 International presents ‘The Curious Adventures of Pinocchio’

For 5 years and up 

Show Dates and Time:
Tuesday, 25 July – Sunday, 6 August 2017
Weekdays: 9am
Weekends: 10.30am & 2.30pm
Ticket Pricing:
(Excludes Booking Fee)

Standard: S$28

Standard: S$38

*For School Group Bookings, please call ACT 3 International at 6735 9986 

For more information and to purchase the tickets at Sistic, please go to


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