Beautifully Illustrated Perennial Planners By Original Ordinary: Dateless Planners For Any Year


Time flies, we are approaching towards the end of the year, are you looking for a dairy planner and journal to start planning and making resolutions for the coming new year?

Original Ordinary has launched a variety of beautifully illustrated perennial planners for you to choose from. Each of these planners takes a year to produce because each page has drawings and also poems and quotes. There are 4 different themes: Happiness, Mindfulness, Love and Finding heaven on earth. 


Photos credit: Original Ordinary

MY MINDFUL DAYS at S$29.90 – the 256 pages planner/journal printed in high-quality paper is designed to guide you to live with awareness in your daily lives. To realise and to be awake enough to appreciate all that you have, allowing you to reach your full potential. Comes with poems about mindfulness in all aspects of our daily lives

WITH LOVE at S$29.90 – the 220 pages planner/journal printed in high-quality paper comes with quotes & poems about love in all aspects of our daily lives. This planner is beautifully hand illustrated and designed to remind you to enjoy the present moment with a heart filled with love. Aims to help you get organised and work towards making your dreams come true while reminding you to approach everything with love.

MY HEAVEN ON EARTH at S$29.90 – the planner is beautifully hand illustrated to capture the magic of nature to enable us to discover our little piece of heaven on earth. This planner/journal has 256 pages in high-quality paper and comes with poems about nature. 

CHOOSE HAPPY at S$29.90 – the 204 pages planner/journal printed in high-quality paper, comes with poems and quotes about happiness in all aspects of our daily lives is designed to remind us daily that you have the choice to choose your attitude in any given circumstances and choose happy as we do our planning to organise our days.

Every planner/journal has monthly themes, monthly overviews and to-do-lists, monthly habit tracker, weekly spreads and monthly note and list pages. 

These beautiful planners are so useful, filled with creativity, help to organise your life and improve your efficiency. This will also help to uplift your mental health, inspires you to be more productive, makes you happy as you plan your days. This is a wonderful timeless planner/journal that we can use any time any year. To find out more and to purchase, please go to their website at


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