Beauty and The Beast in Singapore from 21 March 2015

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We are delighted that the well-loved Disney’s Beauty and The Beast, the award-winning smash hit Broadway musical spectacular is finally showing here in Singapore for the first time at MasterCard Theatres at Marina Bay Sands from 21 March 2015 onwards! 

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Some of the highlights of the musical include the character, Gaston played by Adam Dietlein. Gaston is an egotistic and arrogant man who is in love with his own image. He believes he is the best man in town. He wants Belle to be his wife as he feels that Belle suits him the most based on her beauty. However, Belle is not interested in him. Gaston becomes jealous and wants to kill Beast when he sees Beast as his rival for Belle’s affections.

Adam Dietlein played his role well, he is tall, handsome, muscular actually Gaston is a pretty funny character, providing comic relief as he flex his muscles, storms and prances on the stage. His songs are humorous and especially the complex beer stein (mug) clinking dance scene outside the tavern by Gaston and his town people is brilliantly performed. 

Beauty and The Beast 2

We absolutely love the heroine of the story, Belle played by Hilary Maiberger and the Beast played by Darick Pead. We have met them earlier when they were in town to promote the musical and sang the all time classic song “Beauty and The Beast” together. Hilary Maiberger brought her character, Belle to life especially with her beautiful doe eyes look and her sweet and powerful voice. Darick Pead is able to transform his character convincingly from the angry and upset Beast to the loving and empathy Beast when he falls in love with Belle. 


We also love the song, “Be Our Guests.” The catchy song and eye-popping dance scene makes us sing along with the cast. The audience is so excited when the streamers pop out from the sides of the theater towards the end of the song.

Overall, it is a good production with beautiful sets and costumes, it is a timeless tale with great singing and dancing that will provide non-stop entertainment that is suitable for everyone! 

Our Parenting World is very honoured to interview the following cast from this spectacular musical.

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Kelly Liz Bolick who is the dance captain, she does the impressive choreography of the musical and David Armanino who is involved with the wig and make up of the musical where the beautiful wigs and impeccable make up are done by him and his department. Kelly shared with us that she covers 16 different roles in the show and if anyone is down, she will cover for the role. She makes sure the show is clean and everyone is looking great in the show. David has to manage 150 wigs and that is a lot to maintain and Beast’s make up will take about 25 to 30 minutes to put on before the show. David shared with us that Beauty and The Beast is a stunning and beautiful musical with lots of dancing and singing that kids will enjoy. Kelly felt that the musical is a great bonding experiences for parents and kids, it is one musical that they can enjoy together.

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The lovable Emily Mattheson played the role of Mrs Potts, she shared with us that Mrs Potts is more like the head of the house and she has a young son, Chip who has been turned into a teacup. Mrs Potts is a motherly figure who takes care of everybody in the house. Her favourite part of the musical is when Belle and the Beast spend time together and Belle is wearing an iconic yellow ball gown singing Academy award winning song. Emily felt that the musical will move parents as it portrays the relationship between parent and child. In the musical, Belle has a couple of scenes with her father and even for her role as Mrs Potts, it shows the relationship between a mother and her son, whatever she does is for her son. She felt that a lot of parents will be able to connect when they watched the musical. 

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The heroine of the musical, Belle played by the gorgeous Hilary Maiberger. She shared with us that she loves her role, Belle. She is not really your average Disney princess, she is an average 16 years old girl who is trying to figure herself out and doesn’t really know where she belongs. Hilary felt that Belle is very real and relatable. The musical portrays so many beautiful relationships between father and daughter who truly love and support each other no matter what and also the relationship between mother and son by Mrs Potts and her son, Chip how she is trying to be strong for him. This musical shows so many beautiful and powerful relationships and bond between parent and child that is suitable for the whole family. 

Thank you to the fabulous cast of Beauty and The Beast for taking our interviews! We wish them, everyone from Beauty and The Beast cast and team all the best and have a wonderful time in Singapore! 

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Catch Beauty and The Beast from now till Sunday, 19 April 2015. It is a highly entertaining and family-friendly show that brings a classical story to life! Don’t miss it as it is showing in Singapore now for a limited season only.

Beauty and the Beast

Date: 21 March to 19 April 2015

Tuesday – Friday: 8pm

Saturday: 2pm & 8pm

Sunday: 1pm & 6pm

Venue: Grand Theatre, MasterCard Theatres at Marina Bay Sands

For more information, please visit



{Event Highlight} – Article updated on 10 March 2015 

We are excited to know that the 8th longest running Broadway musical adapted from the award-winning production of Disney’s Beauty and The Beast is coming to Singapore on the 21 March to 19 April 2015 at MasterCard Theatres at Marina Bay Sands.


The beautiful Belle performed by Hilary Maiberger and together with the Beast by Darick Pead was in Singapore to share with the audience what to expect for the coming musical. Hilary Maiberger gave a powerful rendition of the famous solo song “A Change in Me” from the musical. The song touched many in the audience and which is actually the Beast, Darick Pead’s favourite song when the audience asked him. 

Disney’s Beauty and The Beast is an all-time favourite classic story of Belle, a young woman in a provincial town, and the Beast, who is a young prince casted under a spell by an enchantress. The curse will only end if the Beast learn to love and be loved then he will be free from the spell and turn back to his original self. However, Beast and his whole household will be doomed for eternity if he does not learn his lesson soon. 

The audience were mesmerised when Hilary Maiberger and Darick Pead performed the hit song, “Beauty and The Beast”. The leading cast shared with us that audience can expect the musical to be brought to live and even though the musical has been running for the past 20 years, the creative team is always thinking of reinventing the sets, costumes, music etc. This musical is also brought together by the original creators of the Broadway production, including the Tony Award® winning costumes from Ann Hould-Ward. 

We certainly can’t wait to watch the musical when it is here! 

Don’t miss Disney’s Beauty and The Beast coming to Singapore on the 21 March to 19 April 2015 for a limited season only!

Beauty and the Beast

Date: 21 March to 19 April 2015

Tuesday – Friday: 8pm

Saturday: 2pm & 8pm

Sunday: 1pm & 6pm

Venue: Grand Theatre, MasterCard Theatres at Marina Bay Sands

For more information, please visit


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