Bestow the Gift of Glowing Skin and a Boosted Immunity this Mother’s Day with Eu Yan Sang Goji Essence Boost

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This Mother’s Day, Eu Yan Sang would like to celebrate by showing how important and special mothers are through the gift of health with Eu Yan Sang Goji Essence Boost (Pomegranate)!

A nourishing beauty treat specially for mums, Eu Yan Sang Goji Essence Boost is made with a high concentration of Goji Berries – a superfood which contains high content of naturally-produced phytochemicals such as Beta-carotene and Zeaxanthin, which is ideal for super mums like you! It not only boosts eye and skin health but contains important nutrients so that your overall health and wellbeing is cared for, just like you have been caring for others.

This delightfully refreshing fruity drink also contains an added boost of 1000mg of Vitamin C, which is the recommended daily amount you need! It also contains the antioxidant-rich pomegranate, which helps reduce the appearance of fine lines while imparting a healthy, beautiful glow to your complexion. Eu Yan Sang’s Goji Essence Boost is not only a beauty anti-ageing essence but it also rapidly strengthens and boosts the body’s functions keeping the body and skin refreshed at all times.

Eu Yan Sang’s Goji Essence Boost has a fruity, lightly aromatic, and friendly taste, perfect as an after-meal dessert.

Superfood for the Body and Skin

Did you know that Goji Berries are considered a superfood because they contain high content of naturally-produced phytochemicals called beta-carotene and zeaxanthin?

Beta-Carotene is responsible for the orange-red color pigment in the goji berries and they are great for eye health, skin health, and cell development. Goji berries also contain the highest amount of Beta-Carotene amongst all the fruits.

Zeaxanthin is a potent antioxidant best known for protecting eye health and for supporting the immune system. It also helps protect our eyes from harmful free radicals and filters harmful blue light.

Formulated with Goji Essence and Vitamin C, Eu Yan Sang’s Goji Essence Boost can help you achieve
  • Eye Health Protection
  • Immune System Support
  • Promotes Clearer and Healthier Skin
  • Meets Your Daily Vitamin C requirement
  • Improve Constipation
  • Boost your Body’s Vitality
Choose from Three Delectable Flavours
Original: The perfect solution for optimal eye health with great skin benefits.
Cranberry: High in Anthocyanin. Great for optimal urinary tract health and enhancing skin health.
Pomegranate: Highest level of Beta Carotene which is great for diminishing skin pigmentation and fine lines, while protecting the skin from UV radiation. 


Eu Yan Sang’s Goji Essence Boost ($46.90-$49.90/box of 30mlx10) is available at all Eu Yan Sang retail outlets in Singapore and online.


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