Boost your child’s confidence with SG Aviation Training’s flight lessons

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Thinking of what to do for the coming June school holidays?

Have you wondered what it is like to fly a plane? Now your kid will have the opportunity to experience and realise his/her dreams of flying at SG Aviation Training. This a flight school dedicated to fulfill the budding passions of young aviators from 10 to 17 years old.

SG Aviation Training was established in 2017 and has developed a programme that infuses the teaching of aviation theory with application using state-of-the-art facilities such as flight simulators. Having the knowledge of aerodynamics also helps Secondary school students in their study of Physics as they are better able to understand concepts such as gravitational force, lift, thrust and drag in the process of learning how to fly. 

Malaravan Ron, 55, Founder, SG Aviation Training shared that “We wanted to create an avenue for young people to learn how to fly in a cost friendly, low-risk environment. SG Aviation Training has experienced flight instructors that will guide your child in learning the basics of flying and journey with him or her along the road to becoming a full-fledged pilot”.

SG Aviation Training 2

This June holidays, there will be a Special June Holiday 20 hour programme where students from upper primary and secondary school levels can immerse themselves in the world of aviation with SG Aviation Training’s Basic Aviation Course with Aptitude Flying – a 20 hour programme that costs just $385.

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Each session is three hours per session which enable students to gain an introduction to aeronautics with lessons that cover the principles of flight, the parts of an airplane and the purpose of different flight instruments. They will also learn more about basic flight operations, weather conditions for flight and an introduction to fundamental aviation language.

SG Aviation Training School 1 SG Aviation Training School

Students will test their skills on a Cessna 172 flight simulator where they can experience flying for the very first time for the final element of the course. 

SG Aviation Training Flight Lessons

If you would like to spend a meaningful time this coming June school holidays, why not take up flight lessons and experience what is like being a pilot at SG Aviation Training. 

June Holiday Programme

Date: Five Saturdays during the June holidays (2 June, 9 June, 16 June, 23 June, 30 June)
Time: 10am – 1pm (3 hours per session)
Total course hours: 20 hours
Fee: $385


The Basic Aviation Course with Aptitude Flying is designed to introduce Singapore’s youth to the aviation industry. The demand for professional aviators will continue to grow with Singapore being a successful and fast-growing aviation hub.

The best way for youths to learn about aviation is to expose them to theoretical and practical activities in an innovative way that will assist them in discovering many new perspectives in aviation. Youths can also use this course to assess whether a career in the aviation industry is a suitable one for them.

Programme Outline

1. The fundamentals of flying – Aviate, Navigate, Communicate
2. Understand and comprehend the different roles in the aviation industry needed to make flight operations safe and successful
3. Fly controlled manoeuvres with instruction given in the Cessna 172 flight simulator

1. Introduction to Aeronautics (6 hours) – Understand the principles of flight, the parts of an airplane, flight instrumentation
2. Meteorology (2 hours) – Understand how weather and wind conditions affect flight
3. Basic Flight Operations (3 hours) – Learn more about the airport environment, what pilots need to take note of when taking off and landing on a runway
4. Radio telephony (2 hours) – Learn basic aviation language that pilots use all over the world for communication
5. Aptitude Flying (5 hours) – Practice flight knowledge in the Cessna 172 flight simulator

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