Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Ikeda Spa‘s Everlasting Love Series

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This coming Valentine’s Day, thinking of what to do with your loved one? Ikeda Spa, Singapore’s award-winning and one of the best spas in Singapore will get you covered. Enjoy luxurious and pampering experiences with Ikeda Spa‘s Everlasting Love Series. 

Our editor visited Ikeda Spa recently to try out its Everlasting Love Series. The spa is conveniently located at 787 Bukit Timah Road within a short walking distance from Sixth Avenue MRT. The area is quiet, surrounded by lush greenery, a great place to relax and enjoy your spa. 

Upon entering Ikeda Spa, we were greeted warmly by their friendly staff and its beautiful Zen-inspired interior makes you feel calm and all ready to start your spa treatment. For Ikeda Spa’s Everlasting Love Series, we tried out the Sweet Love Package which includes a 30-minute White Chocolate Scrub, followed by a 90-minute White Rose Aromatherapy Massage.

We were led to our cosy treatment room to start with a 30-minute White Chocolate Scrub. This scrub is full of benefits for the skin as white chocolate is known to help reduce or delay the skin from premature aging, it is rich in antioxidants help to exfoliate dead skin, reduce blemishes and even out skin tone to promote a healthy and radiant glow.

This luxurious scrub is expertly performed by Ikeda Spa‘s skilled therapist, she did a thorough job scrubbing every part of the body. After the whole treatment, skin feels very clean, soft, smooth and moisturised.  

This is followed by a 90-minute White Rose Aromatherapy Massage performed excellently by the same therapist, is infused with White Rose extract that will help to support natural cell regeneration, creates a protective skin barrier, it is rich in antioxidants, vitamins and antiseptic properties that will restore suppleness and improve the appearance of your skin. The aromatic rose scent from the massage, helps to uplift your spirit and sense of well-being. This is a pampering and relaxing message that you and your loved one will enjoy! 

Right now, the Sweet Love Package is having a promotional price of $498+ and you can save 24% off.

For single spa-goers, you can enjoy the spa package, immerse in the 30-minute White Chocolate Scrub and 90-minute White Rose Aromatherapy Massage without couple room surcharge at $238+ and save 23% off.

In addition, Ikeda Spa is offering another two packages, Love You Always Package and Eternal Couple Package. For the Love You Always Package, is now priced at $448+, and save 27% off. For single pampering session, you can enjoy the same 30-minute White Wine Onsen and 90-minute White Rose Aromatherapy Massage without couple room surcharge at $228+ and 26% savings.

For Eternal Couple Package, this is for couples only, both of you can enjoy a 30-minute White Chocolate Scrub, a 30-minute White Wine Couple Onsen, and end it off with a 60-minute White Rose Aromatherapy Massage at a promotional price at $538+ and save 23% off.

All the above packages are only available at Bukit Timah Branch. 

After you have finished the treatment, the friendly staff will serve you a nice hot green tea and a biscuit at the lounge. Visit Ikeda Spa, spend an awesome and romantic pampering time together with your loved one to celebrate Valentine’s Day! It will be a sweet and memorable experiences for you and your loved one! 


787 Bukit Timah Road,

Singapore 269762

Tel: 6388 8080 (Ext 1)

To find out more and for booking, please visit https://www.ikedaspa.com/promotion/valentine-spa-gift-promotion/


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