Charlotte’s Web by Singapore Repertory Theatre

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{Play Review:  Charlotte’s Web by Singapore Repertory Theatre} 

Charlotte’s Web is a touching story about friendships based on the beloved children’s novel by E. B. White. Singapore Repertory Theatre is bringing the well-loved Charlotte’s Web story on stage from 28 October to 11 December 2016. Charlotte’s Web is presented by Singapore Repertory Theatre’s The Little Company. 

Our Parenting World is delighted to see this beautiful story being brought to LIVE by the talented cast!


Sharda Harrison (L) as Charlotte and Ann Lek (R) as Wilbur

The story is about a pig named Wilbur and his friendship with a barn spider named Charlotte. Wilbur is being named and cared for lovingly by a little girl called Fern Arable at Zuckerman’s farm. After knowing that Wilbur is at risk of being sent to the butcher, Charlotte gave her promise to Wilbur that she will think of a plan to save his life.  


At the farm, Wilbur has befriended some animals like a rat named Templeton, some geese and sheep. Charlotte secretly weaves words of praises of Wilbur into her web with words like “Some Pig”, “Terrific”, “Radiant” and “Humble” to attract attention and publicity as a result, Wilbur’s fame rose and became famous.

Later, Wilbur was brought to a country fair accompanied by Charlotte and Templeton. Charlotte sought the help of Templeton to bring some inspiration for her to weave words of praise for Wilbur at the fair to help him win the competition. 


All the above images credited to Singapore Repertory Theatre

Although Wilbur did not win, the organisers still gave him a medal and cash making him a celebrated pig treasured by the farmer and his family. However, Charlotte is dying and she entrusted Wilbur to protect and bring back her egg sac to the farm containing her unborn offsprings. Wilbur protected the egg sac and is sad when the baby spiders left him shortly after hatching only the smallest spiders remain. Wilbur is happy to have these new friends to keep him company and the cycles continue for more generation to come. 

We are very impressed with Charlotte’s Web’s cast. Ann Lek who played Wilbur, has performed in many great productions like “The Three little Pigs”, “Treasure Island” and many more, she is lively and expressive in her role. Audience is able to relate to Wilbur’s experiences, his fears, sadness and happiness. Sharda Harrison is Charlotte, she is an experienced actress with some of her recent works like Hotel by W!LD Rice. We are amazed with her fine acting and her ability to manoeuvre and performed a series of movements to mimic that of a spider. Dwayne Lau as Templeton, he has a long string of stage experiences under his belt including “Treasure Island”. Dwayne is witty and engaging in his role as the clever rat who will only help when he was given food.

Singapore Repertory Theatre has once again bring such great productions like Charlotte’s Web to Singapore audience! The cast has performed exceedingly well in their respective roles and with the ability to connect with the audience. It is a colourful and entertaining production that comes with strong and meaningful messages about love and friendships. Our kids learnt about the importance of friendships and to cherish their friends. We are touched by the play and thoroughly enjoyed watching the show!

Don’t miss this timeless, well-loved and heart warming story, Charlotte’s Web, that is suitable for the whole family! Charlotte’s Web is recommended for 4 year-olds and above. 

Charlotte’s Web 

Dates: From 28th October weekdays 10am and Saturdays 11am and 2pm. 

Prices: From $25 excluding SISTIC fee. Group discounts/ Family Packages available

Venue: KC Arts Centre – Home of SRT

Ticketing: SISTIC at 6348 5555 or


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