Chengzhu Creative Writing Programme for Primary School

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Our Parenting World, Gor Gor is invited by Chengzhu Mandarin Centre for its Creative writing programme. About this programme, it draws on a series of highly stimulating strategies and techniques that enable young children to use the most essential elements of spoken Mandarin and Chinese script. Students are carefully guided through each level to ensure they surpass the standards set by the Ministry of Education, while building their confidence and expressiveness.

Before Gor Gor goes for class, Chengzhu has lots of activities to keep the students occupied.


The centre has an extensive range of Chinese books in the library and cosy corners like where Gor Gor is sitting in the above picture to read books comfortably.



This is one of the the most popular places in the library, students enjoy climbing up the ladder and read upstairs. Lots of cushions for them to cuddle while reading.



Gor Gor says: “I like reading up here, it is so comfortable.”



This is the StoryHouse (故事屋) is  part of the library, it is an unique lovingly planned and created to capture the imagination of young children, bolster their enjoyment of learning Mandarin and improve their understanding of Chinese culture.

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Outside the library there is a huge playground filled with colorful slides, toys and tunnels for the children to play which is suitable for Di Di when he comes. There is an area where children can use their imagination and draw on this huge piece of paper as Gor Gor is seen doing some drawings on the paper.









Gor Gor is so cheeky and he is looking forward to his next lesson. 













The teacher starts the lesson by asking the students to choose a story book to read and she will test the student’s level of proficiency by asking each of them to read a part of the story. Gor Gor reading the story to the teacher. 













The teacher will interact with each student and ask them questions. They in turn get to speak up, improve their communications skills in speaking Mandarin. Being Singaporean students where English is their main language, most have the habit of reverting back to speak English. The teacher will remind them and teach them to speak properly in Mandarin. 

Teacher asking Gor Gor questions. Each student will have his/her turn to speak.













Next, the teacher choose a topic and teach the students on writing a composition. She starts off using a picture and asks the students to form words. The topic is “Cultivating a good habit”. 













Gor Gor forming sentences based on the picture and the teacher will guide each student along. 













After each student has contributed parts of the composition, the teacher will teach them how to structure their composition and give them helpful words to guide them along. With all the techniques taught, the students start to write their composition.



This is my Creative writing teacher. Thank you teacher for teaching me. She is very patient, encouraging and makes the lessons enjoyable. 













We would like to thank the lovely organiser and principal of Chengzhu for inviting us to their centre. Gor Gor enjoys going for his lessons and Mummy felt that Chengzhu indeed lives up to its name of providing a holistic education especially Mandarin is one of the more difficult subjects, Chengzhu attempts to make it lively and interesting for the students. It also provides one of the best learning environment to students to cultivate their interests in Mandarin. 

To find out more about Chengzhu, please click this link


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