Cheongdam – Singapore’s First Authentic Korean Skin Care Clinic Opens New Outlet At United Square

Have you ever wondered how to get the flawless, glassy skin that Korean celebrities are so famous for? The wait is finally over! Check out Cheongdam’s latest outlet at United Square and discover how their K-beauty products and treatments can help you to achieve a glassy complexion. 
Upon stepping into the brand-new outlet. you will be welcomed with brightly lit interiors and luxurious décor that embodies the Korean philosophy of perfection and purity. As you enter, you are greeted by a Korean-style skincare bar where you will find pure, oxygen-enriched skincare products that you can mix and match depending on your skin type. In addition to the rooms for aesthetic treatments and facials, the outlet also houses a dedicated room for scalp treatments. The consultation areas have been specially designed with an open concept to complement the idea of transparency that Cheongdam places great emphasis on.
Cheongdam advocates transparent pricing and has a strict policy of no hard selling to existing and potential customers. They focus solely on helping their customers achieve healthy, flawless skin at a reasonable price.
The Korean Wave
With the rise of K-pop and Korean dramas, the Korean beauty standard has evolved into the ideal skin: flawless, supple and healthy. For fans, it’s impossible to miss the dewy skin of their idols, and
many wish to achieve the same radiant look.
“The Korean wave has been so imminent in recent years, and when I was in the beauty industry in
Korea, I began to understand why their glassy skin has become so ideal,” commented Tiffany Tan, Cheongdam’s chief trainer. Tiffany had acquired her experience in aesthetics and skincare in Korea. She worked as an assistant in a dermatology clinic, enrolled in a local academy and competed in numerous competitions. She passes on the experience and knowledge she has gained to her team of aestheticians and to her customers.
Korean beauty focuses on healthier skin that appears glassy and smooth. As we age, the collagen in the skin decreases, causing the skin to wrinkle. External factors such as sun exposure, stress and pollution can further damage the skin. Since the lifestyle and problems of people in Singapore are very similar to those in Korea, Tiffany concluded that the treatments and products would be as effective for Singaporeans as for Koreans.
Treatments Made Just For You
Sometimes it is not easy to determine what works best for your skin. However, Cheongdam’s meticulous treatment process ensures that all your skin’s needs are met. The treatments and products that Cheongdam offers are specifically curated to address the needs and issues of each customer’s skin. At Cheongdam, they recognise that everyone reacts differently to different treatments, which is why they place great emphasis on a thorough skin consultation for each customer.
Doctors and aestheticians play an equally important role in the entire treatment process, from the consultation to the treatment itself to the aftercare and home care. Their commitment to the entire process is a testament to how passionate and experienced they are in their field of work. The aestheticians conduct follow-up calls to check the skin condition of the customers after the treatments.
“We are a one-stop centre offering effective and evidence-based treatments using the latest Korean aesthetic procedures in the hands of well-trained doctors, consultants and aestheticians,” answers Dr Kwan, Cheongdam’s medical director, when asked about Cheongdam’s uniqueness as an aesthetic clinic.
Some of Cheongdam’s popular treatments include the Korean Signature 10-Step Skin Treatment and the Pico Mix and Match Programme, which offers a unique, personalised Korean-style skin experience.
These treatments are a perfect example of customised treatments, where the steps are mixed and matched depending on the needs of the customers’s skin. Regardless of how customised these steps are, the treatments have no downtime and are non-invasive to the skin, but the effects of the treatment are almost immediate. In a nutshell, you can finally achieve the glowing, healthy complexion you’ve always dreamed of.
Just In
The new branch is graced by two doctors from Cheongdam. These doctors have been in business for years and want only the best results for their patients.
Here is what some of the doctors had to say about their personal favourite treatments.
Dr Colin recommends “a skin booster treatment that works particularly well against acne and is quite popular in Korea but less known in Singapore.” However, when asked to name it, he replies, “You’ll have to come and visit me if you want to know more about it.”
“We have had very good results with various skin boosters that provide healthy and glowing skin; one of the most popular is the Chanel Skin Booster,” quips Dr. Chris.
The latest and most sought-after skin type is the famous “glass skin” of Korean celebrities. Cheongdam offers various treatment combinations with its Rejuran Glass Skin Programme. This beauty treatment is paired with Rejuran and other skin injectables – a very popular treatment programme among celebrities. The deep-acting treatment gives the skin a radiant, smooth and dewy appearance. It hydrates the skin from the inside and out, making the skin healthier overall.
Customers can rest easy knowing they are in the hands of doctors and aestheticians who are experts in their field and trained only by the most highly trained doctors in Korea. Their goal is to make their customers feel more confident and have flawless skin. Dr Raymond, one of Cheongdam’s doctors, feels “fulfilled” because he can help boost his patients’ confidence and feels “privileged” to be able to do so.
Prior to this opening, Cheongdam Korean Skin Management already had outlets at International Plaza, Jurong Point and SingPost Centre, and Cheongdam Aesthetics had outlets at International Plaza and Jurong Point. With the new outlet at United Square, the journey of beauty continues for both Aesthetics and Skin Management.
Whatever you desire for your skin, Cheongdam offers a comprehensive range of services from lasers, Botox, fillers, skin injectables, hair growth treatments to body management through Cheongdam Aesthetics Clinc and technology-based facials such as Pure Oxygen Facial Therapy, Skin Boosters with Microneedling to scalp care through Cheongdadam Korean Skin Management as well as skincare products to complement the treatments. Nevertheless, these products also work wonders as stand-alone products.
Cheongdam 청담 Korean Skin Management
Venue: United Square, 101 Thomson Road, #B1- 56H/56J/56K/56L, Singapore 307591

Tel: +65 6268 3686

Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday – 11am to 9pm
Saturday, Sunday & Public Holiday – 10am to 6pm

Find out more about Cheongdam 청담 Korean Skin Management at

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