Chicken Little by Singapore Repertory Theatre’s (SRT) The Little Company

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What happened if you are a fearful little chicken and one day, you think the sky is falling! What would you do? Do you have the courage to venture out of your comfort zone?

SRT’s The Little Company presents Chicken Little which is an original musical that is set to please. It will be a great day out for the whole family to enjoy this new musical adventure and spend a fruitful time together! 

SRT The Little Company Chicken Little Alyssa Lie

The main character of the story is Chicken Little played by Alyssa Lie. Poor Chicken Little, she is constantly teased by her older brother and sister for being timid and always scared of everything. She has no confidence and is always fearful. One day, something fell on her head and she thought the sky is falling! She is so worried and very scared. She decided to muster enough courage to venture out of the farm and she feels that she has to inform the King of the worst that is going to happen, the sky is falling and it will crush everybody. She has to let the King know and save everyone!

But can she do it? 


Along her journey, she met 3 wonderful friends, they are Cocky Locky by Dwayne Lau, Ducky Daddles by Ann Lek and Turkey Lurkey by Crenshaw Yeo. However, they did not realise that someone has been following them with ulterior motive, Foxy Loxy by Natalie Yeap. Foxy Loxy can’t wait to eat them up and what will happen to Chicken Little and her friends? Watch the musical to find out. 

We enjoy watching the cast of Chicken Little, they put up a stellar performance bringing each of their character to life. They have so much chemistry with one another and it is delightful to watch them. We simply adore Chicken Little and we can see how she has transformed from a timid, innocent little chick to a brave one. Looking at the response from the audience, you can see the children are totally absorbed into the story. They laughed, sing-along and clapped enthusiastically when Chicken Little saves the day! 


School holidays is round the corner, it is a good time to bring your kids and watch this hilarious and at the same time meaningful musical. It teaches you to learn to face your fears like Chicken Little, accept the challenges and overcome each of the challenge. Make friends and friendships are important, you cannot do things by yourself. If you set your mind into doing things, you have to be determined and you will achieve your goal. In the end, Chicken Little and her friends overcome all odds and get to see the King!

It is a highly entertaining and colourful musical that comes with catchy songs that the whole family can enjoy! Chicken Little will be showing till 8 December 2017. 

Chicken Little

Show Dates and Time:

Wednesday, 25 October – Friday, 8 December 2017

Weekdays: 10am

Weekends: 11am & 2pm

KC Arts Centre – Home of SRT 

To find out more and to purchase the tickets at Sistic, please visit:


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