Crique Adrenaline performing at Grand Theatre MasterCard Theatres till 25 December 2016

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Media Invite and Review: Crique Adrenaline

This festive season from 15 till 25 December, Crique Adrenaline, the jaw-clenching, heart stopping show featuring one of the world most dangerous and death-defying circus acts will be performing at Grand Theatre MasterCard Theatres at Marina Bay Sands for the first time in Singapore!


Consisting of 15 spectacular acts performed by over 30 brilliant performers, the show is renowned worldwide for its theatrical flair and breath-taking acrobatic displays both on the ground and high above the stage. Audience can expect to see exciting and dangerous acts like daredevil motorcyclists, fire spinners, performing acts on high bars and many more to the wheel of death! 


The highlight of the show has to be the “Wheel of Death”. This performance is done by Carlos Macias and Angelo Rodriguez, both performing highly dangerous stunts including rope skipping and even blind-fold themselves to walk on a circling platform hung high up from the top of the performance hall.

Other performers include Dai Murata who leads a breath-taking fire juggling performance and Gediminas Pavlovicius who performs an amazing balancing act using multiple unstable cylinders on stage.


Performances: Duo Strap

The slightly over 120 minutes circus performance (including 15 minutes intervals) leave most of the audience mesmerised at the end of the performance. Throughout the evening, we could hear sounds like “Ah”, “Wow”, “Opps”, “Oh my God” from the audience.

The word “Adrenaline” is a medical term which comes from the name of a hormone produced in our body when we are excited or shocked. The title of the performance “Crique Adrenaline” which can mean “Circus with Adrenaline” is very appropriate as during the show, the audience would expect lots of feelings and emotions of excitement and shocks from the amazing performers.


Our Parenting World’s top 5 reasons why you should watch Crique Adrenaline

1) It is family-friendly. This spectacular show is suitable for everyone in the family to enjoy from young to old, you will definitely be entertained.

2) It is amazing as you will never believe and be surprised with the type of dangerous and superhuman stunts that many of these talented performers can do like the performances “Wheel of Death”. Of course remember the warning “Don’t try any of these stunts at home”

3) The performers at Cirque Adrenaline are all carefully selected from the best and most original circus acts in the world. It showcases the talents of the performers from around the world who set a fast, dangerous and exhilarating pace that will keep the audience highly entertained. 

4) The performance is funny, engaging and interactive as in-between the performance, audience stand a chance to be invited to participate which will bring much laughter to the rest of the audience. Please choose to seat on the front few rows to stand a chance of being invited up on stage to do some funny acts with Darren, the circus comedian.

5) Unlike many other concerts, musicals and plays which are running at different times at different venues all over Singapore, as far as we know as of this point in time, this is the only circus performance in town now. If you like to watch circus acts, don’t miss this opportunity to watch Crique Adrenaline and you will definitely enjoy this amazing and spectacular show! 

Hurry, the show will end on Christmas Day, bring your family and friends to watch this stunning performance and it is a good way to spend the festive holidays too!

Additional Information: 

Crique Adrenaline 

Event Date:

Thu, 15 – Sun, 25 Dec 2016
Tue (20 Dec): 2pm & 7.30pm
Wed – Fri: 7.30pm
Sat (17 Dec): 2pm & 7.30pm
Sat (24 Dec): 2pm
Sun (18 Dec): 1pm & 6pm
Sun (25 Dec): 2pm


Grand Theatre MasterCard Theatres at Marina Bay Sands

Ticket Pricing:

(Excludes Booking Fee)
All performances (except 20 Dec performances)
A Reserve : S$155
B Reserve : S$125
C Reserve : S$95
D Reserve : S$55
VIP Box (For 4 seats): S$620
Box Seat(For 4 seats): S$340
E Reserve (Restricted View): S$55
20 Dec performances only
A Reserve : S$108.50
B Reserve : S$87.50
C Reserve : S$66.50
D Reserve : S$38.50
VIP Box (For 4 seats): S$434
Box Seat(For 4 seats): S$238
E Reserve (Restricted View): S$38.50

To purchase the tickets at Marina Bay Sands, please click HERE 

To purchase the tickets at Sistic, please click HERE


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