DBS Marina Regatta 2019

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The DBS Marina Regatta themed ‘The Race Against Time’ returns for its eighth edition this year at The Promontory@Marina Bay from 31 May to 2 June 2019. The event aims to educate and inspire Singaporeans from all walks of life to embrace a more sustainable lifestyle.

This year’s event highlight is Singapore’s largest eco-maze, the 23,000 sq ft maze, constructed out of RENEW material is made from 95% recycled material, mainly compressed “straw” made from leftover stems of agricultural crops.

Built as a sensory experience, adrenaline junkies and weekend warriors will have 12 minutes to climb, crawl, jump and swing their way through physical obstacles around the maze to test their physical speed and knowledge of critical issues facing the environment.

Braised pork belly rice from Mr Lorbak

This year, the DBS Marina Regatta participants will also be in for a gastronomical treat dished out by second generation hawkers who have finetuned generations-old recipes. From carrot cake with bacon to fresh seafood by the bay to halal kebabs and more, there is something in store for all visitors. The Marina Regatta will also be supporting the latest hawkerpreneurs and social enterprises so that event-goers can feast on creative eats like Impossible Burgers, churros, rainbow tea and grilled meats from around the region.

Just as DBS has supported the growth of Singapore’s economy, it is also extending this support to aspiring musicians. The DBS Marina Regatta weekend will see more than 20 young buskers sing their heart out around the bay. The event will be a platform to showcase their talent and event-goers can also enjoy the music at the Jim Beam pop-up bar which will also be a feature at the DBS Marina Regatta.

Upping the Ante on Green Initiatives

DBS will be using recycled, re-usable, and natural materials in various ways across the event.

Reusable cups, bottles, and containers will be available. All F&B stall owners will also be provided with reusable crockery and tableware, as well as biodegradable recyclable containers for takeaways.

DBS has also partnered with Sunseap, a sustainable energy provider, to set up 100 solar panels at the event venue. The solar energy generated will be used to power up Airbitat Smart Coolers, an eco-friendly and energy-saving alternative to conventional air-conditioning, that will be set-up around the Promontory. The solar energy will also be used to power certain parts of the event.

Shee Tse Koon, Singapore Country Head, DBS shared that “This year’s DBS Marina Regatta is a ‘race against time’ to raise eco-consciousness among individuals. Visitors can look forward to discovering and learning about sustainability issues through the immersive and interactive games and exhibitions. We have also collaborated with social enterprises on a curated series of sustainability workshops on upcycling, urban farming and soap-making.”

He added, “We believe that a little goes a long way – every small effort we make today plays a big part in contributing to a sustainable world for future generations. We hope to inspire people to make small changes in their everyday habits, shaping a more sustainable Singapore. DBS Marina Regatta has taken significant steps towards becoming more eco-friendly – from using re-usable, natural materials to create signages, to replacing single-use plastics with biodegradable and reusable crockery.”

Paddling for Asia’s Largest Dragon Boating Prize Purse

Organised in partnership with the Singapore Dragon Boat Association (SDBA), the DBS Marina Regatta features the most global line-up of dragon boat teams from eight countries across Asia-Pacific and North America. This is the first time that teams from Canada will be participating in the Regatta alongside teams from Australia, Philippines, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Japan, Brunei and Singapore. A total of 100 teams will be competing for a combined prize purse of S$115,000. This is the largest prize purse for a dragon boating competition in Asia. 

To find out more about programmes and activities as well as register for competitive Race The Maze and the various workshops, please go to www.dbsmarinaregatta.com

DBS Marina Regatta 2019

Dates: 31 May to 2 June 2019
Time: 5pm – 10pm (31 May) | 3pm – 10pm (1 & 2 Jun)
Location: The Promontory @ Marina Bay
Admission: Free


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