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Peekabook, the first product created by Matterkids, a Singapore-based creative and educational brand, launched through a Kickstarter Campaign which kicked off on 11th August at 9 pm GMT+8 and reached over S$19,000 which exceeds their target goal of S$17,000 within 4 hours.

Peekabook is an educational toy that combines illustration, tech and tactility for a fun interactive storytelling and discovery for children aged 3 and above. The set pairs a physical explorer ring with an iPad app filled with interactive books designed by children’s storytellers and illustrators from all over the world. Like a magical-looking glass, it activates the artwork and transports the child into a world of wonder and discovery.

Each interactive book is teeming with detailed artwork and mini surprises. Your child can choose a book and use the explorer ring on the screen to pan around to explore and activate hidden secrets, fun facts and even learn about science and biology.

Peekabook is built on the fundamentals of lifelong learning – through curiosity and wonder. The team believes that every child should have the creative confidence to dream and believe in who they are and what they can do in their new world. There is no specific goal to strive for per se, as Peekabook encourages independent exploration, and also, guided play. This type of open-ended play allows for varying levels of engagement to suit different development stages of your child and strengthen your child’s creative confidence through trial and error.

The books are designed by a curated team of local Singaporean and global artists and illustrators to celebrate diversity and provide exposure to broadens one’s understanding and acceptance to differences in our world. By being a platform for different artists and storytellers around the world, Peekabook hopes to connect children and parents to people and cultures, presenting varying forms of aesthetics and points of views.

Peekabook Kickstarter Campaign will run till Wednesday, 31st August at 9pm GMT+8.

To pledge your support, here is the Kickstarter page:

To learn more about Peekabook, please visit or you can follow them for updates on IG@matterkids or FB@matterkids


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