Discover and Experience the Warmth of Indian Hospitality at IHC’s Indian New Year Open House

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As the calendar turns to mark the beginning of a new year, various Indian sub-communities in Singapore come together to celebrate the Indian New Year. This year, the Indian Heritage Centre (IHC) invites you to immerse in the rich traditions and warm hospitality of these celebrations at their Indian New Year Open House, happening on 13th and 14th April 2024. With the event’s theme centered around ‘hospitality,’ an exciting lineup awaits, featuring immersive dining experiences, craft workshops, and performances, all aimed at inviting visitors to delve into the traditions and practices of the Indian New Year.

A Celebration of Diversity:

The Indian New Year is a time of fresh beginnings and renewal, symbolising the start of the agricultural cycle. In Singapore, it is celebrated by different Indian sub-communities, each with its unique traditions and cultural practices. For example, Tamil families celebrate Puthandu; the A Heritage Institution of Sikh community observes Vesakhi; while the Malayalee, Telugu, and Bengali communities observe Vishu, Ugadi and Poila Baishakh respectively. IHC’s Indian New Year Open House will showcase a selection of these traditions that shape the warm and vibrant atmosphere of Indian New Year celebrations in Singapore.

Immersive Experiences:

The Open House will feature a range of immersive experiences that offer insights into the customs and traditions associated with the Indian New Year. Delve into South Indian customs and traditions with the Signature Banana Leaf Meal Etiquette Workshop, where you can learn the proper techniques of enjoying a sumptuous banana leaf meal and discover the significance behind each dish in this important celebratory tradition. Explore the intricate world of pichwai paintings with the Pichwai Art on Plates – Painting Workshop, paying homage to this traditional art form that originated more than 400 years ago.

Gastronomic Delights and Artistry:

Experience and immerse in the culture and traditions of the Malayalee community with the Malayalee Sadya Meal Experience, a gastronomic workshop exploring the significance of dishes in the traditional Sadya vegetarian meal that is typically reserved for special occasions. Additionally, learn the techniques and secrets of Kerala mural art at the Kerala Mural Art Masterclass led by renowned Kerala mural artist Manikandan Punnakkal. These programmes complement IHC’s latest special exhibition, Ente Veedu, My Home: Malayalees in Singapore, which is ongoing until 15 September 2024.

Special Exhibition:

Complementing the Open House is IHC’s latest special exhibition, “Ente Veedu, My Home: Malayalees in Singapore,” providing further insights into the Malayalee community’s rich heritage and contributions to Singapore. Visitors can join free guided tours of the exhibition to gain a deeper appreciation of Malayalee culture at 3pm every Wednesday and Friday; as well as 11am on every second and last Saturday of the month. Admission to IHC is free for Singaporeans and Permanent Residents.

Entertainment and Activities:

The Open House will also feature live performances, complimentary lobby craft activities, free henna drawings, and snacks, offering visitors a complete cultural experience. Whether it’s enjoying traditional music and dance or indulging in artistic pursuits, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Registration and Admission:

Registration is required for selected programmes at Admission to IHC is free for Singaporeans and Permanent Residents, making it accessible to all who wish to learn and celebrate the rich heritage of Indian culture in Singapore.

The Indian New Year Open House at the Indian Heritage Centre promises to be a celebration of warmth, hospitality, and cultural diversity. Through immersive experiences, workshops, and exhibitions, visitors will have the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the traditions and practices associated with the Indian New Year celebrations, while also enjoying a range of entertainment and activities. Join in this festive occasion to experience the vibrancy and richness of Indian culture in Singapore.

For more information, please visit or IHC’s Facebook and Instagram page.

All images credit to Indian Heritage Centre


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