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imageArtScience Museum starting from today will bring us to the life below 4,000 metres in The Deep. 

Did you know that more men have walked on the moon than dive to the deepest part of the ocean?

The Deep is curated by Claire Nouvian, President and Founder of the nonprofit conservation organization BLOOM Association which is presented for the first time in Southeast Asia that will bring visitors to a stunning display of 40 rarely seen and sometimes strange-looking deep sea creatures. Visitors will be able to experience and view the creatures in their ‘natural habitat’ as the exhibition is set in an unique dark environment. In addition to the deep sea creatures exhibits, visitors will be able to see 67 images of sea fauna and bioluminescent creatures, which some of them have never been photographed before.

The Deep 1

Upon entering into The Deep, visitors will be able to view Hidden/Depths, a key highlight of the exhibition. This is an installation by Australian artist, Lynette Wallworth which is commissioned by ArtScience Museum. 

The Deep 4

This interactive installation enables visitors to use UV torches provided to view and discover never-been-seen, deep-sea creatures and watch three films on bioluminescent animals hidden in 18 luminescent glass sculptures. 

The Deep 3

Visitors are also able to look at the deep-sea specimens that include the Pinocchio of the deep-sea with its very long and flexible snout to source for food in the deep ocean. 

The exhibition begins from the depth of 200 metres and it is at this level, it will start to become the habitat for deep-sea communities.

The Deep 5

The Deep 6

At Zone A of the exhibition, it features the deep-sea communities between 150 and 600 metres. This is a very dangerous zone for the creatures as they are easily spotted by their predators and to survive, they resort to become transparent. 

The Deep 8

The Deep 7

At Zone B, between 600 and 1000 metres, new deep-sea communities appear mostly in bright red to dark brown colours can be found. 

Zone C of the exhibition_ Beneath 1,000 metres

Photo Credit: Marina Bay Sands

At Zone C which is the beneath 1,000 metres, at this level, there is no daylight and the deep-sea communities live in total darkness. Temperature level does not exceed 4 degrees celsius. 

The Deep 10

One such creature living at this level is the Opossum shrimp which can grow up to 15cm. When face with predators, it will split out a viscous cloud of blue bioluminescent particles. 

The Deep 11

The Deep 9

At Zone D which features deep-sea communities living at the bottom of the ocean which include bony skull toadfish. It lives on the bottom of the ocean partly underground waiting for its prey to pass-by.

The Deep 12

At Zone D also features Biodiversity as the deep sea floor is not completely flat and muddy. It was found that there are many types of striking geological formation steep canyons, underwater volcanoes, mid-ocean ridge and many more. These formations also act as “particle traps” leading to an increase in biomass. 

The Deep 13

At Zone E features Toxic Oases and even in such environment, there is a density of fauna that can prosper. 

The Deep 15

Visitors to The Deep can also sit down and watch a beautiful documentary on the “Volcanoes of The Deep Sea” which features many of the deep-sea creatures. 

The Deep 16

You can also admire many of these beautiful and strange looking creatures at The Deep, one such popular exhibit is the Giant Isopod. 

The Deep 17

Allan Gottini who is the stage manager and taxidermist for The Deep and his father developed a special technique to display the specimens suspended in the tanks using barely visible threads specifically for the exhibition. 

The Deep 18

Another interesting specimen which is a very rare deep-sea creature is the Goblin Shark.

In addition, children visiting The Deep can take part in making your own deep sea creature at the Making Space area using recycled materials. This activity is complimentary to ticket-holders of The Deep.

The Deep 19

You can also create your own glowing Anglerfish using a battery, UV LED and a simple circuit. Anglerfish activity costs an additional S$4 per person. 

Other upcoming workshops for children include: 

Fun with Photograms

Use silhouettes of the amazing ocean creatures from the deep and place them on photographic paper in a darkroom environment to create your own artwork. Located at Education Space, Basement 1 on Wednesdays from 10 June at 4.30pm at S$5 per person. 

Upcycle Art

Plastic is one of the biggest man-made killers of maritime life. Learn about the different types of plastic and their impact on our oceans, and upcycle a plastic object to create your own deep-sea creature. Located at Exhibition Workshop Space from Fridays – Sundays, 12 – 14 & 26 – 28 June at 4.30pm at S$5 per person.

Stories from the Sea

Listen to master storyteller Kamini Ramachandran as she takes you to kingdoms below the seas. Enjoy stories about creatures, both real and mythical, that live in the deep. Located at Exhibition Workshop Space on Sunday, 28 June at 2.30pm, 3.30pm & 4.30pm. This is complimentary to ticket holders of The Deep. Attendance is on a first-come, first-served basis. Recommended for visitors aged 4 and above.

Please click HERE for more details and the latest update on the programmes. 

The Deep 20

Let’s hear from Our Parenting World’s junior journalist what he has to say about The Deep: 

“This exhibition shows you real specimens of deep-sea creatures. It is a very exciting exhibition for me because I love to study creatures of the sea and this is a good opportunity to learn more about them.

Among the 40 amazing and not often seen deep-sea creatures, my favourite is the Atlantic Football Fish. As its name suggests, the Football fish shaped like an American football. It looks very scary and it lives in the deeper part of the ocean. Another scary looking fish which I like to learn more is the Goblin Shark. Unlike the usual sharks we see at the aquariums and or on televisions, this deep-sea shark looks quite different and sometimes like a disfigured shark.

I spent a few hours viewing all the exhibits. I like the exhibition a lot because it is very unique and informative. Deep sea is a mystery to many of us. I learnt a lot about the deep-sea creatures and their Taxidermy. I strongly recommend all school going children to visit this exhibition especially now that we have having our school holidays.”

Visit The Deep which is an unique and rare opportunity to see deep-sea creatures and spend a meaningful and fun time at the exhibition.

The Deep

ArtScience Museum at Marina Bay Sands®

Daily: 10:00am – 7:00pm

Including public holidays

Last admission at 6:00pm

Please click HERE for more information 

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