Dr Plus Aesthetics and Wellness Clinic Offers a Range of Collagen-Focused Treatments to Promote Skin Rejuvenation – Interview with Dr Kenneth Lee, Founder & Medical Director of the Clinic

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Upon reaching the entrance of Dr Plus Aesthetics and Wellness Clinic, you will be welcomed by the bright and cheerful smile of Colla, the clinic’s bubbly blue mascot. With a clear emphasis on the significance of collagen, it becomes evident how Colla derived his name from the clinic’s primary focus.

Dr Kenneth Lee, the Founder and Medical Director of Dr Plus Aesthetics and Wellness Clinic, is an aesthetic doctor in Singapore specialising in anti-aging, aesthetic, and regenerative medicine. His training in these fields has been extensive, including completion of his medical degree in the United Kingdom, followed by training in diverse medical and surgical departments in London. He later returned to Asia to pursue his successful career in the field.

We speak to Dr Kenneth Lee to gain further insight on the role of anti-aging, aesthetics, and regenerative medicine in enhancing beauty from within. Furthermore, Dr Lee sheds light on the clinic’s three popular treatments and more. Keep reading to uncover the secrets behind these innovative approaches.

Interview with Dr Kenneth Lee, Founder and Medical Director of Dr Plus Aesthetics and Wellness Clinic

1. Please share with us more about your medical background and what inspired you to establish Dr Plus Aesthetics and Wellness Clinic with a specific focus on collagen treatments?

Dr Kenneth Lee: I am an aesthetic doctor in Singapore with extensive training in anti-aging, aesthetic, and regenerative medicine. After completing my medical degree in the UK, I went through various medical and surgical departments in London before returning to Asia to pursue my career.

The name Dr Plus was inspired whilst I was walking on a street in a foreign country pre-COVID 19 pandemic and it carries the hidden meaning of doing more, striving to be the best, adding more values to the services etc. As I am practising aesthetics and regenerative medicine, I find a lot of the procedures we do are related to collagen replenishment and stimulation. Collagen loss is an inevitable problem we face as we age and a clinic with special focus to solve a genuine condition is more sustainable in long run.

2. Could you explain the importance of collagen in the aging process and why stimulating collagen growth is essential?

Dr Kenneth Lee:  Collagen fibers create the infrastructure for elastin and hyaluronic acid, which are responsible for skin’s elasticity and hydration; healthy joints; general well being of organs. As you age, your body starts producing less collagen. The skin becomes thinner, drier, and less elastic. The loss of collagen leads to wrinkle formation. You may have symptoms such as joint pain or stiff tendons or ligaments. As we get older, our body’s natural ability to produce collagen is diminished, which is why we need to obtain it from external sources. Today, there are effective alternatives available to ensure that the body gets adequate collagen supply. Among them are the consumption of collagen-rich food and high quality collagen supplements, as well as treatments that stimulate collagen production.

3. Can you provide more details about the three popular treatments offered at your clinic: Collagen Plus, Hifu Plus, and Valor Plus?

Dr Kenneth Lee:

Collagen Plus – Collagen Plus uses a three-step programme of lasers, ultrasound and LED light to stimulate the body’s production of collagen. This treatment is suitable for all skin types.

Hifu Plus – Popular Korean treatment that shows results quickly by growing collagen and making it last longer through monthly treatment intervals. The treatment is also personalised and catered to the skin condition of each patient.

Valor Plus – Utilising shockwave treatment to increase blood vessel growth, which in turn increases collagen growth during blood vessels formation through a process called collagenesis. This unique treatment is used to treat erectile dysfunction (ED) or as a prevention.

4. Valor Plus is one of your signature programs that specialises in treating erectile dysfunction (ED). How did you recognize the demand for this treatment and decide to make it a specialty at your clinic?

Dr Kenneth Lee: During COVID-19 period, there was a growth of men’s health digital platform and I was helping out to consult the patients. Men’s wellness is often neglected as there is a stereotype that men need to be able to handle stress very well and even hide some health conditions. A high percentage of consults is related to erectile dysfunction that made me realize the demand is growing and many men are willing to come forward for a consult and treatment if they are educated about the options available.

5. In your opinion, why do you think the topic of ED is considered taboo in Singapore, and how do you approach this sensitive issue with your patients?

Dr Kenneth Lee: Asians are much more conservative. I still remember being attached to a STD ( Sexually Transmitted Disease) clinic as a medical student in the UK and it was eye opening how patients were open to discuss about sexual health. I think it’s a difference in socio-cultural background. I would invite a conversation with opening questions and address their concerns. Building a good rapport is the key to approach this sensitive issue.

6. As an aesthetic doctor practicing regenerative medicine, could you share your insights on the role of anti-aging, aesthetics, and regenerative medicine in enhancing beauty from within?

Dr Kenneth Lee: The trend for aesthetics is moving towards regenerative in nature. A lot of services and products that help stimulate the own body system to regrow or regenerate aging tissues are being introduced. Some examples include collagen biostimulators in the skin and microtrauma to the skin using advanced system. The process of healing from microtrauma leads to regeneration hence rejuvenation. When you look at things at cellular level and if your body cells are healthy, beauty from within is a no-brainer.

7. How do lasers, ultrasound, and LED light work together in the Collagen Plus treatment to stimulate the body’s production of collagen?

Dr Kenneth Lee: Lasers, ultrasound and LED light are energy-based devices. When the energy is delivered to the dermal layer of the skin, it helps remodel and regenerate collagen.

8. Apart from the treatments offered at your clinic, you also have a line of collagen drinks formulated in Germany. How do these drinks contribute to boosting the body’s production of collagen, and what benefits do they offer?

Dr Kenneth Lee: The drink is rich in fish collagen, peptides and antioxidants to boost the body’s production of collagen. It contains Verisol bioactive hydrolyzed peptides which are claimed to reduce wrinkles and increase skin collagen by 60% when taken daily and are optimized to maximize stimulation of human cell types involved in collagen biosynthesis.

9. What is your vision for Dr Plus Aesthetics and Wellness Clinic in the future, and how do you plan to continue advancing in the field of collagen stimulation and replenishment?

Dr Kenneth Lee: We envision to minimize the effect of normal aging so everyone can enjoy life by providing solutions to replenish collagen loss in the process of aging through medically and scientifically proven treatments. Learning never stops, I would keep myself updated with the different modalities in the field of collagen stimulation and replenishment by attending courses and collaborate with scientists to develop more products.

10. Lastly, is there anything else you’d like to add and what would you like to say to our readers who are looking forward to visit Dr Plus Aesthetics and Wellness Clinic?

Dr Kenneth Lee: Feeling and looking young is about being comfortable in your own skin. Over here at Dr Plus, we help you feel comfortable in your own skin.

Driven by a dedication to excellence and a profound passion to empower clients to look and feel their best through collagen, Dr Plus Aesthetic Clinic is the go-to destination for those looking to enhance their natural beauty and achieve their skincare goals! Find out more about Dr Plus Aesthetics and Wellness Clinic at https://drplusaestheticsclinic.com/

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