Easter Service and my two new teeth

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Gor Gor says:
You must be wondering what has Easter Service got to do with my two new teeth? They were discovered during Easter Service.
Mummy says:
Today, baby is so adorable, he makes a lot of action during service and there is a little boy sitting in front of us. He keeps turning back to play with Gor Gor. He waves at him and said “hello”. A little girl behind keeps patting Gor Gor’s head and suddenly Gor Gor starts to blow bubble and he goes buuu buuu … the people sitting behind us are all laughing. The little girl plays with Gor Gor goes buuu buuu back at him.
Towards the end of the service, I decide to carry him outside and meet a mother, Candy from the motherhood forum, we are both November mummies and what a surprise to know that we are from the same church. Then she notices something and said your baby has two teeth!! Viola, the sun is shinning towards his mouth and I see two white gleaming teeth waiting to see the world. She congratulates Gor Gor 🙂 Baby has grown so much over the four plus months.
Later, we go shopping as usual, baby is surrounded by people whenever we go, there are two salesgirls trying out the sunglasses at Gucci and one of them remarks that this baby is even cuter when we are walking towards their direction. At Robinsons, the sales ladies crowd around Gor Gor to play and talk with him. They remark that can tell this baby is very smart, he looks like a boss. Yes … baby can be bossy too.
The other day we went to Cerisis, a boutique specializes in selling baby clothes. They kept playing with baby and commented that they can’t tell this baby is four months plus, he looks bigger, so intelligent and very adorable. It is all mothers’ pride when their little one is being praised and complimented. Every mother’s baby is beautiful and lovely, we have the great responsibility of nursing them and bringing them up well.
I am very grateful for all the compliment and kind words that have been given to Gor Gor. I keep them well in my heart. 
Thank you 🙂

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