Educating session with Ms Julia Gabriel

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Our Parenting World team is very happy to have the opportunity to meet Ms Julia Gabriel where she will be sharing with us on “Empowering Your Child With Speech and Language.”

Julia is the Founder and Creative Director of Julia Gabriel Education. She has a wealth of knowledge and with more than 30 years of experience in early childhood education. It is our pleasure to be able to meet up with her. While we, parents were having the sharing session with Julia, our children were being well taken care of by Julia’s caring team of teachers and staff.


Gor Gor and Di Di were having fun!

Julia Gabriel Education

Julia is one of the pioneers in Singapore’s education scene from back in the ’80s, championing the importance of making learning fun and interactive, even when education was very much focused on rote learning which is a memorization technique based on using repetition without the use of meaningful learning strategies. She is an accomplished storyteller, performer, speaker, lecturer and author of children’s books. She often conducts training workshops for parents, teachers and professionals and has written and recorded educational television programs for the Ministry of Education in Singapore.
Julia’s talk would address different issues surrounding language learning – how and when children learn to speak a first and a second language, how they develop speech into a desire to read and write, and the factors that influence their success in using two or three languages. At the session, Julia also shared tips on how parents could help their children build strong, expressive language and to become effectively bilingual.
Julia Gabriel Education_Group
We would like to thank the kind and lovely organisers for inviting us and also to Ms Julia Gabriel and her dedicated team for organising this meaningful talk and having us at the session! 

To find out more about Julia Gabriel Centre and its programs, please click this link.





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