EFIL: The All-Rounded Disinfectant Solution

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In recent months, Singapore has experienced a concerning increase in COVID-19 cases, which has led to a significant rise in the demand for disinfection services across the nation. This surge underscores the critical importance of prioritizing cleanliness and regular sanitization practices. As the threat of the virus persists, it becomes increasingly clear that maintaining a clean environment is essential to safeguarding public health and minimizing the risk of transmission. Therefore, it is crucial for individuals and communities to remain vigilant and proactive in adhering to proper hygiene protocols. By doing so, we can collectively contribute to the ongoing efforts to combat the spread of COVID-19 and protect the well-being of our communities.

Despite the clear benefits of regular disinfection, many Singaporeans have grown complacent, overlooking this crucial safety measure. This complacency is understandable given the challenges associated with traditional sanitizing products. Issues such as the inconvenience of carrying bulky bottles, the need for frequent reapplication, and the ineffectiveness of many sanitizers against a broad spectrum of pathogens have deterred consistent use. Recognizing these challenges, TAIHO Pharmaceuticals, a R&D-driven specialty pharma company from Japan, has introduced a revolutionary solution: EFIL.

EFIL is an innovative disinfectant spray designed to address these very concerns. Backed by rigorous research and testing over nearly five years in Japan, EFIL provides a full 24-hour protection against 99.9% of Influenza and COVID-19 viruses. This long-lasting effectiveness means users no longer need to remember to reapply multiple times a day, providing a significant convenience and peace of mind. 

What sets EFIL apart from other commercial products is its comprehensive approach to disinfection. The formulation includes a combination of ethanol, silver, and zinc ions, which not only combat viruses and bacteria but also protect surfaces from mould formation and provide deodorising effects all in one go. This all-in-one science-backed spray is particularly beneficial for families with young children and elderly members, offering robust protection for those who are most vulnerable.

Originally developed for individuals with compromised immune systems, EFIL’s efficacy and ease of use have proven to be equally beneficial for young families with children. By promoting peace of mind and overall well-being, EFIL provides valuable support to families navigating the challenges of managing health conditions. In addition, its convenient 50 mL packaging makes it portable without adding significant weight to personal belongings, ensuring that protection is always within reach.

For more information about Taiho Pharmaceutical, please visit: https://www.taiho.co.jp/en/.



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