Embrace Your Feminine Vitality with the launch of EmpowerRF at Schöne Mama

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Say hello to a revolutionary advancement in women’s health: EmpowerRF, designed to offer minimally invasive vaginal rejuvenation solutions for a wide array of feminine issues. 

Ever felt like your libido has left for a permanent vacation? Or experienced the discomfort of vaginal dryness? As we age, our bodies undergo changes, and our vaginal health is no exception. From dryness and wrinkles to laxity, these shifts can impact our sexual wellness. 
For those suffering from these issues, Schöne Mama, a pioneering wellness centre for women’s health, is pleased to present the groundbreaking EmpowerRF – the most advanced FDA-approved feminine wellness solution on the market. 
EmpowerRF is not just a device; it’s a game-changer in vaginal health and rejuvenation, addressing a range of concerns and restoring confidence in women everywhere. 
Experience the Power of EmpowerRF: 
🌸 Reclaim Your Libido: Say goodbye to the desert-like conditions of vaginal dryness and reignite your passion with EmpowerRF. 
🌸 Renewed Confidence: Combat the effects of aging with targeted treatments for vaginal laxity, wrinkles, and more. 
🌸 Break the Silence: EmpowerRF offers a safe and effective solution for women’s sexual wellness concerns. 
EmpowerRF: The Technology : Behind the Transformation
EmpowerRF is more than just a treatment. With three different modalities for different benefits, it’s a journey toward empowerment, confidence and feminine vitality.

For overall tissue health 

EmpowerRF FormaV
FormaV is an advanced non-invasive therapy that uses radiofrequency (RF) energy to rejuvenate and revitalise vaginal tissues. The heat from this RF technology gently penetrates deep into the underlying layers of tissue, promoting the production of collagen and elastin. For this procedure, it’s recommended to groom your bikini area beforehand. 
• Tightens and tones the vaginal canal 
• Improves vaginal elasticity, sensitivity, and lubrication  
• Gives relief from vaginal dryness and discomfort  
The EmpowerRF FormaV treatment is priced at $500 before GST for the first trial, and $1,200 before GST thereafter. Available at all Schöne Mama outlets.

For muscle toning and urinary incontinence 

EmpowerRF VTone
A 30-minute treatment using a discreet egg-shaped device (similar in size to a tampon), VTone offers gentle yet precise solutions for weak pelvic floor muscles and urinary incontinence. An FDA-approved technology, it harnesses intravaginal electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) to deliver targeted contractions deep within the vaginal canal, providing effective rehabilitation and improved pelvic health. 
• Strengthens the pelvic floor muscles 
• Improves the symptoms of stress, urge, and mixed urinary incontinence 
The EmpowerRF VTone treatment is priced at $800 before GST for the first trial, and $1,600 before GST thereafter. Available at all Schöne Mama outlets. 

For collagen boosting 

EmpowerRF Morpheus8V
Administered only by qualified physicians, Morpheus8V combines the power of radiofrequency(RF) energy and micro-needling to rejuvenate both vaginal and vulvar tissues. This innovative procedure is designed to not only enhance tissue quality but also elevate sensation and orgasmic potential by working on the labia, perineum, and clitoral areas. 
• Revitalises collagen and elastin 
• Increases the strength and thickness of vaginal tissue 
• Tightens loose skin and increases sensation  
• Improves support and lubrication 
Price: To be advised. Available at Asimont Clinic and at the Schöne Mama outlets at NEX and Westgate. 

Intimate V-Rejuvenation Treatment
Combine this massage with the EmpowerRF treatments to maximise the benefits of both machine-based treatments and manual massages for a holistic solution for vaginal concerns. 

• Rehabilitate and strengthen the pelvic floor muscles 
• Maintain urinary and bowel continence 
• Give relief from pain and tension by releasing muscle knots and reducing muscle tightness  
• Enhance sexual health by increasing blood flow to the genital area, improving vaginal lubrication, and promoting tissue elasticity and sexual sensation  
• Prepare for childbirth by stretching and relaxing the tissues of the perineum (area between vagina and anus), potentially reducing the risk of perineal tears during delivery  
• Boost blood circulation and enhance skin radiance after childbirth  
• Delay premature menopause and ageing  
• Improves support and lubrication 

The Intimate V-Rejuvenation treatment is priced at $28 before GST for the first trial, and $250 before GST thereafter. 

Schöne Mama is available at the following outlets: 
Schöne Mama Westgate | 3 Gateway Dr, #04-28/29, Westgate, S608532 
Motherlove Nex | 23 Serangoon Central, #04 – 48, Nex, S556083  
Schöne Mama Buona Vista | 35 Rochester Drive #01-06/07, Rochester Mall, S138639 
Schöne Mama Orchard | 391 Orchard Road Tower B, #05-20, Ngee Ann City, S238872 
Schöne Mama Paya Lebar | 10 Eunos Road 8, #02-116/117/118, SingPost Centre, S408600 

About Schöne Mama
Schöne Mama, founded in 2005, is China’s first postpartum recovery and health management agency and now has nearly 500 chain centers worldwide. It opened its first overseas outlet in Singapore in December 2016 and has received rave reviews ever since. Over the years, Schöne Mama has been working on providing health assessment, counseling and guidance for postpartum women.
All images credit to Schöne Mama

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