Encouraging Daily Fruit Consumption: Zespri Introduces Innovative Packaging – The Fruit Pillbox

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A survey commissioned by Zespri, encompassing more than 500 Singapore residents, revealed that an impressive 93% express a desire to consume more fruits. However, more than one-third of respondents do not due to forgetfulness. Recognising the difficulty of incorporating healthier eating habits into daily life, Zespri drew inspiration from pillboxes designed to remind people to take their medicine and supplements daily. Consequently, they have launched “The Fruit Pillbox,” a limited-edition packaging aimed at encouraging consumers to incorporate a daily kiwifruit into their routine.

The Fruit Pillbox is also designed to gently nudge parents into fostering a healthy habit for their kids (and maybe even themselves) with those essential daily servings.

From 2 to 7 March 2024, while stocks last, you can find The Fruit Pillboxes at these FairPrice Finest outlets:

  • Bukit Timah Plaza
  • Junction 8
  • Thomson Plaza
  • Waterway Point

The Fruit Pillbox features seven compartments labelled Monday through Sunday, each containing a Zespri SunGoldTM kiwifruit. This design is inspired by Nudge Theory, offering subtle reminders for healthier choices. A straightforward way to add a burst of goodness to your family’s routine.

Fun fact 

Despite their pint-sized stature, Zespri kiwifruit are nutritionally dense superfruits. Just one kiwifruit meets 100% of your daily Vitamin C need. Talk about packing a punch!

While The Fruit Pillbox is offered in limited quantities, Zespri kiwifruits are readily available in the usual punnets across all FairPrice stores. A Zespri SunGoldTM kiwifruit is naturally high in Vitamin C, and each contains more than 100% of daily Vitamin C requirements. Zespri kiwifruits are also low in glycaemic index and a source of folate.

The Fruit Pillbox is meticulously crafted to be inclusive and sustainable, ensuring that everyone will be able to enjoy the goodness of kiwifruit. The Fruit Pillbox is printed using environmentally friendly, vegetable-based inks. In a commitment to inclusivity, the days of the week are also imprinted in braille, making it accessible to the visually impaired. The environmentally conscious design extends to the material itself, as the packaging is crafted from 100% recyclable materials. This aligns with Zespri’s broader packaging goals and commitment to achieving 100% recyclable, reusable or compostable packaging by 2025.


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