Enjoy Europe’s Luxurious Gourmet Ice-Cream from the delectable range by EKSELENCE®

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Ice Cream lovers will be delighted to know that EKSELENCE®, Europe’s luxurious gourmet ice-cream has arrived in Singapore! Celebrating the inaugural launch of EKSELENCE® in Singapore with a smorgasbord of the best gourmet ice-cream from Northern Europe. 

EKSELENCE® ice-cream is inspired by the Nordic gourmet culture, it embodies the perfection of Northern European cuisine. The exceptional taste of EKSELENCE® is achieved by the highest skills and craftsmanship, the meticulous preparation process, and the special attention paid to the finest details. Made from the richest of all creams, fresh whole milk and egg yolk, combined with carefully selected local ingredients sourced from the finest purveyors throughout Europe, and is crafted in the heart of the lush green country of Latvia. The EKSELENCE® range of ice-cream is 100% natural with no artificial additives, colours, or flavours. Presented to deliver an outstanding gastronomical experience from the very first bite, EKSELENCE® ice-cream is a work of art created with a passion for perfection on your taste buds.

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First on the enticing list of all things delicious is the EKSELENCE® Mini Classic presented in a pack of six delightful petite versions. You will find delight in two variants – The Chocolate-coated Ice-cream Stick which comprises rich ice-cream in classical milk chocolate glaze for those who prefer their frozen treats to be abundantly simple; and the Almond Chocolate-coated Ice-cream Stick which is a combination of chocolate glaze encrusted with sizeable chunks of roasted almond which will be a crowd pleaser with fans of the crunchy nut. 

EKSELENCE® Mini Classic (6s Pack)

3x Chocolate-coated ice-cream stick
3x Almond Chocolate-coated ice-cream stick

Recommended selling price (RSP) at S$12.90 available at major supermarkets and hypermarkets

For appetisingly bolder flavours, revel in the EKSELENCE® Stick Collection, representing the pinnacle of gourmet ice-cream. The White Chocolate & Raspberry Ice-cream Stick thrills the taste buds with its crunchiness, along with hand-sprinkled real raspberry bits, delivering the smooth balance of sweetness and hints of sourness from the raspberry. Pick the Pistachio Ice-cream Stick, and be enamoured by the smooth and creamy filling with a robust pistachio flavour, coated with chocolate to balance of the sweetness of the treat. If the taste of the tropics on a stick awakens your palate, take a satisfying bite into the Coconut & Almonds Ice-cream Stick – the frozen delight loaded generously with coconut chips for that gratifying mouthfeel, coupled with a crunchy outer layer of almond bits.

EKLSELENCE® Stick Collection

White Chocolate & Raspberry Ice-cream Stick (3s Pack) at S$12.90

Pistachio Ice-cream Stick (3s Pack) at S$12.90

Coconut & Almonds Ice-cream Stick (3s Pack) at S$12.90

Mix Gourmet (3s Pack) at S$12.90

1x White Chocolate & Raspberry Ice-cream Stick

1x Coconut & Almonds Ice-cream Stick

1x Coconut & Almonds Ice-cream Stick

The above are at recommended selling price (RSP) of S$12.90 and available at major supermarkets and hypermarkets.

If good things come in pairs, then good things certainly come in doubles with EKSELENCE®. Be enthralled with the EKSELENCE® Double-Layer Chocolate Ice-cream Stick Collection with two winning flavours. The Raspberry-Pomegranate variation promises a refreshing piquancy with every bite, enveloped with a mildly sweet note from the opulent double-layered chocolate shell on the outside. Those who prefer their frozen treat sweet and toasty; the Caramel variant will hold you captive with an unabashedly alluring caramel sauce in between layers of milk chocolate and creamy ice cream.

EKSELENCE® Double-Layer Chocolate Ice-cream Stick Collection (3s Pack)

3x Multipack (2x Raspberry-Pomegranate, and 1x Caramel)

The above are at recommended selling price (RSP) of S$13.90 and available exclusively to Cold Storage.

Good things also come in pints with the EKSELENCE® Sorbet Ice-cream Collection, which presents an exquisite combination of the best from the worlds of sorbet and ice-cream. The Mango Sorbet with Vanilla Ice-cream joins the tropical taste of the distinctive fruit with pure vanilla. The Wild Berries Sorbet with Vanilla Ice-cream is also another flavour you can indulge your love in for the taste of berries with vanilla.

EKSELENCE® Sorbet Ice-cream Collection

Mango Sorbet with Vanilla Ice-cream (500ml) at S$12.90

Wild Berries Sorbet with Vanilla Ice-cream (500ml) at S$12.90

The above are at recommended selling price (RSP) of S$12.90 and available at major supermarkets and hypermarkets.

Try out the heavenly delicious EKSELENCE®, Europe’s luxurious gourmet ice-cream today! To find out more information about EKSELENCE® and its current promotions, please visit www.instagram.com/ekselencesg


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