Enjoy over $300 goodies with the NTUC Good Start Bundle for 2016 to 2019 Babies

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If your baby is a Singapore citizen born between 1 January 2016 – 31 December 2019, you are eligible to sign up for this NTUC Good Start Bundle, registration is opened until 31 March 2020! To find out more about what NTUC Good Start Bundle is, please visit our earlier article at https://ourparentingworld.com/last-call-ntuc-good-start-bundle-for-2016-to-2019-babies

The NTUC Good Start Bundle contains:

1. From NTUC FairPrice: The FairMily Kit containing groceries and household items for your family and an exclusive FairPrice On deal

2. From NTUC First Campus: Mother Tongue Reader or Parent-Child Activity Book The “Early Experiences Matter: Mother Tongue Reader”

3. From NTUC Income: Complimentary health insurance coverage for your child. This is a one-year Enhanced Income Shield or Income Shield Standard Plan coverage. (excluding MediShield Life premium).

4. From Plus! Rewards Programme: Complimentary Plus! card if you are not a member previously.

5. From Downtown East: Enjoy exclusive rates for celebration packages at Downtown East, Singapore’s largest entertainment hub in the east.

How this bundle brings value to parents?

Today, as busy parents, we always look for good deals and this NTUC Good Start Bundle is not one to be missed.

Enjoy savings in your grocery shopping

We heard a lot of positive feedback from parents about the FairMily Kit. It contains daily essentials for the family and baby, such as brown rice, olive oil, diapers and wet wipes – essentially saving parents a trip to the supermarket!

In fact, one of the parents we know of even went as far as saying “NTUC Enterprise is so thoughtful, the items in the FairMily Kit are basically family essential items that are useful for us and it takes a thoughtful organisation to provide these practical gifts.”

Sample of items in the NTUC FairMily Kit

The FairMily Kit also comes with a FairPrice $20 gift card

Another great thing about the FairMily Kit is that the items function like free full-sized samples, allowing parents to try out these brands first before deciding to purchase. In addition, there is also a $20 value gift card from FairPrice which you can use to offset your grocery purchases at NTUC FairPrice.

Bonding with their child in early reading

There are a lot of research which have proven that if you want your child to do well later in life, they need to read early and a good practice is for parents to read to them while they are still young.

When the parents read to their children, not only does it stimulate their learning abilities, it promotes early bonding with their little ones. The “Early Experiences Matter: Mother Tongue Reader” provided free in this bundle is definitely a good book to start with to read to your child.

Alternatively, the “Early Experiences Matter: Parent-Child Activity Book” that offers parents advice and tips on how to foster strong bonds with their infants and young children, is equally impactful as it helps to promote early bonding with your child.

Early Experiences Matter: Parent-Child Activity Book

Insurance protection for your child

How much insurance does a newborn or young child need? Many parents thought that the usual Medishield insurance is sufficient enough for coverage for their child. But the truth is, the Medishield Insurance is the basic insurance only for hospitalisation in the subsidized B2 and C class wards.

In the unfortunate situation where your child needs admission to the hospitals and prefer a more comfortable environment like the air-conditioned B1 wards or higher, you would need additional insurance coverage like those provided under NTUC Income’s Enhanced Income Shield or Income Shield Standard Plan coverage.

With the bundle, your child can enjoy one-year complimentary health insurance coverage if you sign up for their Enhanced Income Shield or Income Shield Standard Plan.

Additional value for your family

In addition to the three valuable items we discussed above, the bundle also comes with the Complimentary Plus! card for parents to collect reward points and special birthday packages at Downtown East!

Complimentary Plus! Card to collect reward points

With the complimentary Plus! Card at over 1,200 locations in Singapore like NTUC FairPrice (daily essentials), Ma Kuang (post-natal care), ZTP Ginseng Birdnest (wellness) and Mothercare (baby essentials) and others. By redeeming the LinkPoints for dining, fashion, travel & lifestyle vouchers, parents can save some money in these areas.  Downtown East also offers discounted celebration packages exclusive for Good Start Bundle families!

Why this bundle brings a lot of value to the family?

Have you encountered situations where someone gave you a gift voucher, e.g. a restaurant voucher or a shopping voucher but when you look at the fine print, it would say the voucher is worth say $50, after you spend minimum of $200? Or there are also other situations where you need to pay for a small sum of money to enjoy a bundle of discounts?

This NTUC Good Start Bundle is different, because many of the gifts are given to you right from the start without any conditions tied to it. You can start enjoying the gifts immediately, like the FairMily Kit, the reading materials, the insurance coverage and the Plus! card. Thus, as what we mentioned earlier from one of our readers, “NTUC Enterprise is very thoughtful”.

Hurry, if your baby is a Singapore citizen born between 1 January 2016 – 31 December 2019 and you have not signed up yet, the registration is closing soon and last day of registration is on 31 March 2020! You can sign up at https://ntucgoodstart.sg.


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