Enjoy the easy-to-digest F&N Magnolia PLUS Lactose Free Milk

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F&N has launched the brand-new F&N Magnolia PLUS Lactose Free Milk that brings good news to those who love milk but are intolerant to lactose. Now you can enjoy the goodness of this delicious nutrient-rich milk without worrying about side-effects from lactose intolerance.

The F&N Magnolia PLUS Lactose Free Milk is made from fresh milk which provides a valuable source of protein and calcium. It is fortified with vitamin D3 and the only lactose free milk brand to contain the vitamin which is critical in the absorption of calcium and phosphorus to strengthen bones. On average, healthy adults aged between 19 and 50 will typically need 800mg of calcium in their diet daily to maintain healthy bones. Those aged 51 and above are encouraged to consume 1,000mg of calcium daily. In this respect, both adults and seniors can enjoy their regular intake of calcium from the naturally nutritious F&N Magnolia PLUS Lactose Free Milk which contains 130 mg of calcium for every serving of 100 ml. Additionally, every 250ml glass of F&N Magnolia PLUS Lactose Free Milk contains 40% of the average adult’s intake of calcium per day.

Packing more punches in terms of nutritional benefits, the beverage also contains vitamins B2 and B12, which are necessary for cellular growth, and cellular metabolism of carbohydrates, fat and protein; respectively. Grab a pack off the shelf, and pour all that lactose-free wholesomeness into a glass and enjoy its benefits without worries!

The F&N Magnolia PLUS Lactose Free Milk is available at the Recommended Selling Price (RSP) of S$4.50 for a 946ml pack at most supermarkets, hypermarkets, and participating retails outlets. For more information, please visit www.magnolia.com.sg.


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