Enjoy Wholesome and Hassle-Free Meals with Chef-in-Box

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Food Review: Enjoy Wholesome and Hassle-Free Meals with Chef-in-Box  

Our Parenting World team is elated when we were introduced to Chef-in-Box, the meals are available in a wide variety of flavours, such as local delights from Chinese, Western, Malay, Indian and Japanese cuisines.

You can enjoy hot piping delicious Chef-in-Box bento meals with a wide selection of wholesome hot food choices, 24/7 by simply heating them up for 3 minutes! 



Chef-in-Box has make life easier especially for busy parents when we have no time to cook and on days that we need to satisfy our hunger at odd hours and more. Just order online at http://chefinbox.com.sg/ and the food will be delivered to your doorsteps. That’s so convenient! 

Here are some of the meals that we have tried: 


Seafood Hor Fun

We are delighted to know that Seafood Hor Fun consisting of hor fun, prawns, chicken, fish cake, vegetables, hor fun gavy and comes with a ‘breath of wok’. This is a best seller and what’s make Chef-in-Box famous. We simply enjoying slurping up this yummy, thick, flat rice noodles!


Chicken Bolognese with Spaghetti

This delicious spaghetti meal comes with a twist using chicken meat instead of beef. The chicken version is a healthier and leaner alternative to using red meat. It is a satisfying meal packed with plenty of flavour! 

As parents, we are definitely concerned with the quality and nutritional content of the food. It must be safe for consumption. We are glad that Chef-in-Box bento meals are made with fresh ingredients and quality produce prepared in a Halal, GMP and ISO 22 000 certified kitchen. They do not contain any preservatives, additives or artificial flavourings. It uses cutting-edge cook-chill and cook-freeze technology to maintain freshness and nutrients in all its meals.

Consumers can look forward to enjoy familiar favourites such as Singapore-styled Seafood Hor Fun and Chicken Claypot Rice, or innovative creations such as Salted Egg Yolk Pasta with Shrimps. Two products from the current Chef-in-Box line-up have also been accorded the Health Promotion Board’s (HPB) Healthier Choice symbol (HCS). The Yangzhou Brown Rice is HCS certified Higher in Wholegrain and Low in Sodium, while the Braised Chicken in Duo Olive Pronto Sauce is HCS certified Low in Sodium and Low in Saturated Fats.

Chef-in-Box is a JR Foods initiative. JR Foods is a subsidiary of JR Group, and it manufactures and markets a range of ready-to-serve meals for both the consumer and the Hotels, Restaurant and Catering institutions (HORECA). The company has a track record for catering for large-scale events including the F1 races. 

Chef-in-Box has a wide variety of meals available for all to enjoy, besides ordering through online and delivered to you at  http://chefinbox.com.sg/. Its meals are also sold through state-of-the-art Hot Food Vending Machines, retail packs in Supermarkets Island wide; and served in food stores, institutions or during events. Please click HERE to find its Hot Food Vending Machine locations. 


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