Exclusive Interview with Sophie Gollifer, CLASS 95 Deejay

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Celebrating Parenthood at Mediacorp as a number of Deejays has become new parents. Congratulations to all the new parents! Our team speaks to the super athletic mum, Sophie Gollifer, CLASS 95 Deejay. She is known as CLASS 95 ‘Supermum’, she is always working out while balancing her home life with two small children. She is the only jock in CLASS 95, who has done the Spartan race. As a hands-on, superfit mum, she has also turned her adventures handling her kids into a segment on her show called Midweek Mummy Meltdown. The gorgeous Sophie shares with us her motherhood journey, parenting tips, her work at CLASS 95 and more.  

Sophie Gollifer has been with CLASS 95 after winning their first Radio Star in 2017 and a relatively new addition to the media industry. She brings a light and fun energy to events and DJ-ing,  Sophie is on the radio weekdays hosting Music Marathon from 2-5pm.

Exclusive Interview with Sophie Gollifer, CLASS 95 Deejay

1. Please share with us more about your background and what made you decide to be a radio deejay?

Sophie: I have been talking non-stop since I was 8 months old (no joke!) And it was always a dream of mine to do this. I remember sending out countless voice demos as a teen. Then as we all know, life gets in the way and we put our dreams and aspirations on the backburner. Fast forward to 2017. I was 27 years old and a mom when I entered Class95 Radiostar. It was the first time Class had held this competition. I was a ball of nerves but knew I wanted to be here more than anything. I won the competition and hit the ground running from there!

2. What is your typical daily schedule like?

Sophie: Depending on the day I am usually woken up by my youngest Coco who is 2. She wakes up SO early some days and comes running into my room like a hurricane. I love to sleep but since becoming a mom this doesn’t happen often but it comes with the territory! We do brekkie then it’s a mad rush to change the girls for their respective schools! Then off to the bus for Bowie-Rose and I drive Coco. On some days I have scheduled a workout (helps with me trying to run away from it when I’m tired). Off to the gym for that! After that I tackle some emails, meetings and show prep while getting suitably glammed for my day and eating something. Then it’s off to the studio for my show! Following my wrap up I head back to see my older one who has napped after school and try and squeeze in some kind of quality time activity, even if it’s short (yesterday I took her paddle pooling with the neighbor’s kids!) Then I pop out to pick up my younger one. Get them fed and showered, read them a book and to bed! By this point I am usually pretty wiped out but I kind of love it.

3. What is it like being a mother? How has motherhood changed you?

Sophie: It is everything! It is the toughest most consuming job I’ve ever done yet the best thing ever! And you can’t take emotion out of it or call in sick. I was never good with children so I was a little worried even though I knew I wanted to be a mom. But I have found, to my kids, I’m a rockstar (which is nice haha) and all a mom needs to do is love her kids and do it “her way” And the rest should follow.

4. How do you juggle a hectic work schedule, being a mother of two children and finding time to work-out? How does your family support you?

Sophie: It takes a village. My family don’t live in Singapore but shower me with support. When I find it a lot I take it one day at a time and tell myself I’m doing my best. As moms we are SO hard in ourselves. Working out for me is selfcare so I try to find the time. I do it for mental clarity and to feel physically strong and ready. My girls weigh almost 15kg each and expect mom to carry them! I find a lot of mamas have guilt about making time for them but by doing this 1 hour of “us time” a day it boosts us and we can be the best for our kids.

5. Can you tell us more about your show “Midweek Mummy Meltdown” and what inspired you to come up with this segment?

Sophie: I love it! We talk out all things parenting candidly and tackle topics every parent can laugh and participate in. It’s so nice hearing from other parents all over Singapore and you realise we are all in this together. Our topics range from our misadventures with the kids to discipline to the funny things kids say to prepping them for new milestones! It feels uniting.

All the images credit to Sophie Gollifer

6. How do you keep your kids engaged and what are some of the favourite things that you like to do with them?

Sophie: They have a ton of energy (I should have guessed, they are MY kids!) So they love swimming, me chasing them around and activities that stimulate their minds too, like the zoo or aquarium. They are also super social so love playing with other kids or chatting with my friends.

7. What are some of the best parenting advices/tips that you have received and experienced that you would like to share with our mummy and daddy readers?

Sophie: Be organised! This is a huge one. This will save you so much stress. Making a note of what they have coming up and figuring out what to prepare will save you from a Mommy Meltdown! Haha. Also, don’t be too hard on yourself. Being a parent is one of the longest endeavors ever so expect hiccups and mistakes. You can’t hit the mark every time and that is ok.

8. What is it like to be a radio deejay for CLASS 95? What is the profile of your listeners like at CLASS 95?

Sophie: It’s been an incredible process for me and I get to do what I love every day. The best part is we have listeners from all walks of life who we connect with daily. Every day it feels like chatting with an old friend.

9. How can one become a radio deejay in Singapore and what’s your advice to someone who aspires to be a radio deejay?

Sophie: If you have a passion for radio don’t give up. I’m living proof it can happen to you, even after you’ve started another career path (I was an author for explainer videos!) Once you get the opportunity, grab it with both hands and most of all be yourself, because that is your unique selling point.

10. Lastly, what are your favourite beauty and skin care tips that you would like to share with our mummy readers?

Sophie: Drink water like it’s your job! Stay out of the sun if you can and sleep as much as possible (this one is hard I know!) Lastly, stay well on the inside too. Selfcare is not selfish ok?

Thank you Sophie Gollifer for taking our interview! 

In addition, CLASS 95’s ‘Spin &Win’ is back! Listeners just need to listen in for the song of the hour from Monday to Friday and be the first caller through to qualify for the spin happening on Friday morning. The first qualifier that gets through on Friday when the cue to call happens, gets to spin the sure win wheel with a chance to win anything from $1000 to $20,000!

Tune in to CLASS 95 and catch Sophie Gollifer live on air! 


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