Exploring Nature’s Design exhibition at Science Centre Singapore

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Something new and more are happening at Science Centre SingaporeJoin Our Parenting World, Gor Gor and Di Di as they ventured into two of the new engaging Singapore Science Festival 2014 events
First stop at Exploring Nature’s Design exhibition which consists of Robot Zoo, Tinkering Space and Seed Carving. 
At Robot Zoo with 7,000 square-feet in size, it showcases how nature works with gigantic robot animals and insects. It explores the ingenuity of nature as a master engineer using robotics. Eight giant, mechanical animals will be on display to mirror and simulate the biological makeup of their real-life counterparts. Muscles will become pistons, intestines will transform into filtering pipes, and brains into computers, demonstrating how animals function in their natural environment.
Animals/Insects on display at the exhibit include a chameleon, a bat, a rhinoceros, a grasshopper and a giraffe among others.



At each of the exhibit, there will be an informative and detailed write up of the animals/insects where visitors will get to learn more about it. Visitors will also get to play with the mechanics and have a deeper understanding how the body parts work. 


At the Tinkering Space, visitors get down to the do-it-yourself spirit by working on self-assembled electronics, a variety of paper-based and other crafts, and robotics. 


This is Seed Art where visitors can unleash their creativity and use the different colour seeds to decorate their very own art piece. 


Both Gor Gor and Di Di were working on their animal foam with LED lights where they get to colour their chosen animals/insects. After colouring, they get to put in the lights. At the Tinkering Space, the booth is manned by friendly and helpful staff who will explain to you how the lights circuit works and provide guidance when you are working on your art piece. 

Visitors will have the chance to tinker with easily available household materials to show off their creativity by making DIY luminescent rhinos, microscopes, LED charm bracelets among others.



Gor Gor get to have a feel of how it is like to be a housefly with sticky feet. There are various interactive stations around for you to explore and have a better understanding of how the insects/animals work with their body parts. 
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Hide and Seek station, Gor Gor have a feel of how it is like to be a chameleon. It has the ability to change colour and bend into the background in order to hide from its enemies. 

This is the Seed Carving exhibit where it will provide visitors with a detailed journey, from the stages of carving to the types of seeds used, as well as, the stories and anecdotes behind the carvings on display.


The science of seed carving has been in practice in China for many centuries turning useless seeds into valuable works of art of all shapes and sizes. Visitors will be amazed with a variety of beautiful and precious seeds craving collections. 


Come and visit the Exploring Nature’s Design which is open to public from now to 24 August at Science Centre Singapore. This exhibition is fun, educational and helps to instill a sense of curiosity of how nature works. For more information about Exploring Nature’s Design, please click HERE to find out more.

We will move on to the next exhibition on Human Body Experience (HBX) at Science Centre, please click HERE to join us in our venture. 

About Singapore Science Festival

The Singapore Science Festival is an annual celebration of the latest scientific innovations, new technologies, and cutting-edge research, and engineering, making them relatable and relevant to everyday life. With a range of exciting hands-on activities, events, workshops, and guest performances lined up all over Singapore from July 18 to August 3, the 2014 edition of the festival promotes the message “Science is Fun”.

Previously known as the National Science Month, the festival is jointly organised by the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR) and the Science Centre Singapore.

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