Family Fun activities at Health & Adventure Quest by Rise & Shine 

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Rise & Shine has lined up a series of family friendly fun activities for the whole family to spend an enjoyable and educating time together. One such activity that Our Parenting World team has attended recently is the Health & Adventure Quest at eXplorerkid @ Downtown East.

Children can take part in the play section of the Health & Adventure Quest where they will be given an Activity sheet for them to find and fill in the answers hidden in 8 obstacle/ play stations at the event. Upon completion, children will receive a goodie bag and some freebies as reward for their hard work. 

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The boys began their activities and report to Station 1, Mega Play Area where they will find out more about having healthy eating habits and what does a healthy diet make up of. 

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The boys answered the questions enthusiastically and a healthy diet is made up of meat, fruits and vegetables, milk, whole grain, healthy oil and lots of water. 

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Station 2 is at The Cliff where children will test their metal and body strength as they climb across the rock wall from one end to the other to find out the answers to complete their activity sheet. 

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Parents and children can complete the task together especially the smaller one would will need the loving support and encouragement from Daddy and or Mummy to climb across the rock wall. 

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After successfully completing the climb, children will be able to find how strong they can be and learn that to grow up tall and strong, you would need calcium for strong and healthy bones. 

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Station 3 is at The Cave where clues were pasted all over the wall. Children would need to find the answers by counting how many triangles, squares, circles and stars they can find on the Cave wall. After completing the activity, children will learn tips on how to take good care of their eyes and get a free eye check. 

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Station 4 : The Mound is an art and craft corner for the kids to exercise their imagination and draw what they would want to be when they grow up. 

Rise and Shine eXplorerkid 11

The boys having fun drawing themselves and thinking what they would want to be when they grow up. 

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Station 5 is at the Ball City where children can shoot as many balls in 5 minutes. Through this activity, children learn that to stay healthy, they must exercise regularly and stay active. 

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Station 6 at the Lit Ballpool where coloured balls were thrown into the ball pool and children would need to identify and count only the coloured balls. 

Rise and Shine eXplorerkid 16

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The boys having fun at the Lit Ballpool and they quickly made new friends at the pool. Through this activity, children learn that they would need to have good eyesight to be able to spot and count the number of coloured balls among the white ones. 

Rise and Shine eXplorerkid 19

Station 7 at Tree Top is an activity station where children would learn how to make towel origami. 

Rise and Shine eXplorerkid 20

At this activity station, the boys learn how to make their own towel origami and learn that creativity is intelligence having fun! Children also get to bring home their own creation. 

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Station 8 is at PediaSure booth, a very popular station where children learn that to grow up to be what they would like to be, they cannot be picky eaters. They would need to eat healthy food and exercise regularly. Children get to choose the costumes of what they would like to be when they grow up and take pictures. 

Rise and Shine eXplorerkid 26

Guess what most children would like to be when they grow up, Ninja! This is one of the most popular costumes at PediaSure Station. 

Rise and Shine eXplorerkid 22

At Health & Adventure Quest, for parents not accompanying their child at the play stations, parents would be able to participate in the parenting seminar by speaker from renowned language school, Lorna Whiston. At the seminar, parents would learn how they can engage their child in books and develop a reading habit to improve their language skills. An optometrist will also be sharing tips on how to care for your child’s eye health. 

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We all had a good time at Health & Adventure Quest, we had so much fun and also bring back a wealth of knowledge of how to develop healthy eating habits and grow up to be healthy and strong!

Look out for more family friendly fun activities organised by Rise & Shine.

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The event was held at eXplorerkid @ Downtown East
1 Pasir Ris Close, 3rd Floor,E!hub Downtown East, Singapore 519599.

Please click HERE to find out more about eXplorerkid @ Downtown East.


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