Family Li Imperial Cuisine

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It is stated in the website that The Family Li’s dishes are, as it is, a combination of Imperial Court cuisine and Beijing traditional cuisine. With careful selection of only the freshest ingredients cooked to perfection in a refined style, the chefs at the Family Li Imperial Cuisine aim to retain the natural and original flavors of the produce. The presentation of dishes is always attractive but never pretentious.
After passing through the first entrance, we walked through a narrow passage way that leads us to the second entrance.
Second entrance of the restaurant
View of the restaurant
The restaurant setting

The table setting

Here comes the exciting part, the food!! The waitress recommended us to try the set menu which is approximately $60 SGD per person.

It started with a set of small side dishes.

Another side dish, beef

More side dishes

Main dish crispy chicken

Main dish pork ribs

Main dish stewed pork accompanied with a steaming bowl of rice

Followed by a small bowl of steamed egg

Main dish prawns

Main dish braised egg plants

Main dish deboned fried fish

Main dish roast duck served with spring onion, sauce and freshly steamed pancake

A bowl of melon soup

Desserts is sweet plums and walnuts

It was a very filling dinner with so many dishes, you can’t get to eat that in Singapore for this kind of price. Overall the food is tasty and the service is good.

Our favourite dish is the debonded fried fish. We were very surprise to see that there are no bones at all in the fish. The fish is tender and tasty although it is deep fried, you won’t feel burden eating it, it is very light.

To be continued …


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