Flip, Row over and Crawl

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Mummy says:
My boss who is a really nice professor asked me today whether Baby can flip now … not yet. The amazing thing happened, tonight, baby darling, you try to turn over and you keep doing that. At times, you get fussy and cry when you want to turn over. Then you manage to flip, row over on your tummy and once on your tummy, you try to crawl towards the nearest toy. My goodness … I am so surprise when I watch you doing all this.
Baby, you are truly amazing, I am so proud of you!! What I can see from you is that, when you are doing a new action, you keep doing it, you do not give up until you have perfect it. The second picture is taken timely when we catch you crawling out of the mattress and you are attempting to crawl back in, that is so kawaii !! It means cute in Japanese 🙂
Baby, when I was pregnant with you, my students commented that you will be very smart because you were hearing and absorbing all what Mummy was teaching. Naturally, all parents want their kids to grow up healthy and smart. That’s every parent’s wish. As a lecturer, I feel that my students are also like my children, I do want them to do well, their success in the subjects that I am teaching also reflect my own success so far my students, you have done me proud 🙂
Baby darling, don’t forget how much your Grandparents love you especially your dear Grandma lovingly attend to your every needs. Your Grandpa despite his heavy work schedule always find time to teach, play with you and keep you accompany. Your Daddy has to travel most of the time working hard for you and our family. Your uncle, he will love to come home whenever he can to see you. Your lovely Godma who is so generous and loving. We all love you so much.

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