Fortune Festive Buffet at Azur at Crowne Plaza Changi Airport

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Media Invite and Food Review: Fortune Festive Buffet at Azur at Crowne Plaza Changi Airport

Crowne Plaza Changi Airport was named as the World’s Best Airport Hotel for 2016 by London-based Skytrax. Our Parenting World team is excited to visit Azur at Crowne Plaza Changi Airport to try out its Fortune Festive Buffet that is specially prepared for the coming Chinese New Year!

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Azur, the award-winning buffet and ala carte restaurant located at level 2 serves buffet and ala-carte dishes with an extensive range of Asian and Western cuisine. It has been a popular dining place for hotel guests, for those who work and stay at the eastern part of Singapore and many who would travel to Azur for its good food. The 150-seater restaurant has a kitchen concept with chefs presenting a lively multicultural cooking theatre making it an interesting dining experience.

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Azur’s sumptuous buffet spread of traditional Chinese cuisine and fiery Sichuan favourites. 

The Chinese New Year buffet cuisines at Azur are presented at the Asian food section of the buffet in the restaurant. The first part of the station serves Asian cuisines which include Chinese New Year dishes like Pen Cai treasure pot, Crispy Roast Suckling Pig and Roast Duck. 

A closer look at some of the delectable dishes served at the Chinese New Year buffet:

Azur 4

Pen Cai Treasure Pot

Pen Cai Treasure Pot is a very popular and traditional dish that is served during Chinese New Year in Singapore. Eating Pen Cai has an auspicious meaning of bringing abundance and richness for the coming year. 

At Azur, you can enjoy the delicious Pen Cai that is filled with top-grade ingredients in a huge claypot like prawns, sea cucumber, roast pork, mushrooms and many more. 

At the second part of the station, there are also Sichuan delicacies, including Boiled Fish Fillet in Sichuan Chilli Oil (川香水煮鱼), Twice Cooked Pork Belly with Leek and Dried Chilli Flakes (传统回锅肉), and Chicken Dumpling in Chilli Oil (红油抄手) at this Asian food section of the buffet. The ever popular chilli crab is also available. 

A closer look at some of the Sichuan delicacies: 

Azur 7

Wok-Fried Crispy Pork Belly with Leek and Dried Chilli Flakes 

The crispy pork belly is tender and full of flavour that will fire up in your mouth with the leek that is soaked with spicy sauces and dried chilli flakes. 

Azur 5

Stir-fried Crispy Chicken with “Sichuan” Pepper and Spring Onion

This is an appetizing and mildly spicy dish. The chicken is so crispy and if you like spicy food, you will enjoy this aromatic dish.

Azur 6

Braised Bean Curd with Minced Beef in “Sichuan” Style

This dish is like the traditional Sichuan Ma Po tofu with minced beef. Enjoy the soft, silky tofu in savoury, spicy gravy. 

Azur 9

Singapore Chilli Crab 

This is definitely a popular and favourite local dish in Singapore! At Azur, you can enjoy this mouth-watering crab dish that is stir-fried in a semi-thick, sweet, slightly spicy and savoury sauce. 

Azur 10

Assorted satays

Another local favourite is satays. Enjoy a range of assorted satays of chicken, beef and lamb that are well seasoned and grilled to juicy perfection. A delicacy that is enjoyed by many. 

Azur 11

The Japanese station where you can fresh sashimi, assorted sushi and maki rolls.

Azur 12

Fresh selection of seafood like crabs, mussels, clams and prawns are available for seafood lovers. 

At the other stations which featured the International cuisines, there are Japanese delicacies like salmon and tuna sashimi, Western dishes like sausages, beef, lamb and other usual international spread we will find in the top hotel restaurants in Singapore.

We like this Chinese New Year buffet because it is not often to have Pen Cai treasure pot at the buffet spread. For those who enjoys the traditional Chinese New Year dishes like Pen Cai treasure pot with the convenience of a buffet spread, this is definitely the place to dine in.

Azur 18


In addition, we also love the wide spread of yummy dessert buffet at Azur!

The dessert table is beautifully decorated with Chinese New Year decorations filled with an impressive spread of cakes, pastries, sweets, chinese dessert like Qing Tang (sweet soup), chocolate fondue, ice cream and many more. 

The hotel will also hold a communal reunion dinner on Lunar New Year’s Eve at Chengal Ballroom with a line up of activities and programmes such as Chinese Mask Changing act (变脸), Lion Dance performance and live broadcast of Lunar New Year TV programme. There will be a dedicated playroom for the little ones to enjoy and have fun.

There are 3 menus to choose from, priced from $398 nett (suitable for 4-6 persons). Guests can look forward to a 6-metre long dessert buffet as well as unlimited soft drinks and Chinese tea.

To find out more about the communal reunion dinner and its menu, please go to:

We thoroughly enjoyed the delicious and sumptuous buffet spread at Azur. Bring your family and friends to indulge in the Fortune Festive Buffet and celebrate Chinese New Year at Azur! 

Additional Information:


Level 2 Crowne Plaza® Changi Airport
75 Airport Boulevard
Singapore 819664

This Chinese New Year theme buffet will also be one of the hot favourite dining venues for those who work or stay in the east. Connected to the airport, it will allow travellers who are leaving or returning Singapore to dine at this convenient location.

For more information on the prices for the Chinese New Year buffet at Azur restaurant and also its contact details, please refer to the list as follows:

Lunar New Year’s Eve Reunion Lunch 
(27 January 2017)
 Adult $ 48.88 ++   Child $ 28.88 ++ 
Lunar New Year’s Eve Reunion Dinner 
(27 January 2017)
 Adult $ 88.88 ++  Child $ 48.88 ++
Lunar New Year’s Day and 2nd Day Lunch 
(28 – 29 January 2017)
 Adult $ 48.88 ++  Child $ 28.88 ++
Lunar New Year’s Day and 2nd Day Dinner 
(28 – 29 January 2017)
 Adult $ 68.88 ++  Child $ 38.88 ++
Fortune Festive Buffet Weekday Lunch
(16-20, 23-26, 30-31 January, 1-3, 6-10 February 2017)
 Adult $ 48.88 ++  Child $ 28.88 ++
Fortune Festive Buffet Weekday Dinner
(16-20, 23-26, 30-31 January, 1-3, 6-10 February 2017)
 Adult $ 58.88 ++  Child $ 38.88 ++
Fortune Festive Buffet Weekend Lunch
(21, 22 January, 4,5 and 11 February 2017)
 Adult $ 58.88 ++  Child $ 38.88 ++
Fortune Festive Buffet Weekend Dinner
(21, 22 January, 4,5 and 11 February 2017)
 Adult $ 68.88 ++  Child $ 38.88 ++

On Ren Ri (7th Day of Lunar New Year), every guest at Azur will have the opportunity to spin the Wheel of Fortune and win attractive prizes including room stays and dining vouchers.

To make your reservation, please call +65-6823-5354 or email [email protected]Reservations are highly encouraged.

All prices are subject to 10% service charge and prevailing government taxes. Terms and conditions apply.

To find out more about Azur, please click HERE.

To find out more about dining at Crowne Plaza Changi Airport, please click HERE.



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