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Singapore has set her sights on producing 30% of her nutritional needs by 2030, up from the current 10%. An advocate of this goal, NTUC FairPrice has long been supporting local farmers and suppliers by carrying their products across its 150 stores, thereby increasing their visibility and brand awareness. 

Benefits of local produce

More often than not, consumers who are price sensitive prefer imported produce to local produce due to the price difference between the two. However, many of these consumers are unaware of the benefits of local produce, which justify their higher price point.

With local produce, everyone can taste the freshness of home. According to Singapore Agro-Food Enterprises Federation Limited, local produce are in fact much fresher and more nutritious than imported produce. Singapore-farmed produce can reach supermarkets within a much shorter time period, thereby allowing the produce to retain a higher level of freshness. Also, the farms in Singapore adhere to strict agricultural regulations. Additionally, local produce do not need to travel for long periods of time or over long distances before reaching the consumers, and therefore have a much lower carbon footprint. This also results in less wastage caused by spoilage or contamination.

With macro factors such as the onset of a pandemic as well as climate change, Singapore’s access to imported products could possibly be adversely affected. By consciously choosing to purchase locally grown produce, consumers are in turn supporting local farms, and this powers Singapore to become a more self-sufficient nation.

As Singaporeans, it is important that we stay united and support our fellow Singaporeans, our nation — individual efforts can go a long way in helping to support our local heroes. Every individual effort counts, starting from choosing local produce during your next grocery trip! Keep a lookout for the SG Fresh Produce logo, which will help you identify eggs, fish, vegetables and all types of local produce that are proudly cultivated in Singapore.

Edvin Lim, Director of Chew’s Agriculture shared that “We would like to thank consumers for supporting local farmers. Without their support, the farmers cannot sustain. This 30 by 30 goal is a very ambitious one, but it is achievable when we work together as a nation!”

Shop to your heart’s content

From now to 10 November 2021, snag great deals when you shop local at FairPrice – save up to 41% off! NTUC FairPrice partners with over 15 local farmers, offering a wide range of products from Jurong Frog Farm’s fresh frog meat to Sakura’s bean sprouts and Yili’s range of vegetables. Some of the homegrown brands and the products available at NTUC FairPrice are as follows:

The biggest mushroom grower in Singapore, Kin Yan does not use any pesticide in its farming. Food safety and freshness are at the heart of every stage of its operations, from harvesting to packing and delivering.

●Pink Oyster Mushroom Kit (S$12.50, U.P.S$18): Grow your own mushroom at home! The pink oyster mushroom takes seven days to grow. Soft yet meaty and with a strong aroma, the pink oyster mushroom thrives in Singapore’s tropical climate. The vibrant pink colour transforms to an orange-brown hue when cooked and delivers an intense flavour.

● Golden Oyster Mushroom Kit (S$12.50, U.P.S$18): These mushrooms take four to seven days to grow. They are a great addition to vegetable dishes or an extra indulgence for omelettes. The golden oyster mushroom is rich in beta glucan, a heart-healthy fibre that strengthens the immune system.

● Fresh Black Fungus (S$2.95): Smooth and crunchy, the fungus is full of high protein, carotene, vitamins B1, B2 and essential amino acids. It is traditionally used in Chinese herbal medicine for increasing the fluidity of blood and improving circulation.

● Abalone Mushroom (S$2.95): Light brownish grey in colour, these mushrooms have a thick, edible stem as well as a firm but tender bite. Its protein is comparable to that of animal protein and hence makes a great meat substitute.

Boasting a smart indoor vertical farm, Sustenir focuses on growing superfoods with great nutritional value. All the products are grown 100% in Singapore, for locals and by locals. 

● Super Kale (S$4.65, U.P.S$5.50): Designed for Asian palates, this super kale is lighter, crisper and sweeter than the European or American counterpart. With a zesty hint, this superfood is packed with antioxidants and minerals, and helps to boost metabolism.

● Spectacular Spinach (S$4.15, U.P.S$4.95): Grown in Singapore, the baby spinach is a superfood that is packed with antioxidants, iron and vitamins A and K. Free of pesticides, the sweet and tender leaves will boost your eye health and nourish your skin. It can be consumed raw as a salad, used in boiled soup or sautéed.

With a history that spans 30 years, Chew’s is one of Singapore’s most trusted egg farms, supplying over 180 million eggs a year. Its poultry houses are eco-conscious and climate-controlled.

● Cage-free (S$3.20): Chew’s is the only manufacturer to produce cage-free eggs in Singapore. The eggs are awarded the Certified Humane status by leading global certification organisation Humane Farm Animal Care. The cage-free hens are raised in an environment that meets precise standards and given a nutritious, hormone-free feed.

● Omega-6 (2 for S$5.95, U.P.S$3.25): These Chew’s eggs are supercharged with omega-6! Omega-6 is an essential fatty acid required by our bodies for our daily functions and is a great source of energy. Add some Chew’s Omega-6 Eggs to your diet to stay healthy!

● Sakura Eggs (S$3.15): The eggs are laid by hens that are fed a Japanese-specific lactobacillus feed, which enhances the sweetness of the egg whites as well as the glycine content.

● Organic Selenium Eggs (S$3.95): These eggs contain selenium, a kind of essential trace mineral that helps to maintain the health of hair and nails.

The Fish Farmer’s fishes are grown naturally with no injections, hormones or antibiotics. They are reared in the sea, which in turn gives their meat a firm texture and a clean taste that are similar to their wild-caught counterparts’.

●Seawater Seabass (S$1.09/100g, U.P.S$1.19/100g): Commonly known locally as the Asian seabass or Jin Mu Ru (金目鲈), this fish boasts a sweet, buttery and delicate flavour as well as a moist, firm flesh. Rich in omega-3 and low in fat, this clean-tasting fish is a versatile ingredient for western, Chinese and Japanese cuisines.

● Mullet (S$1.09/100g, U.P.S$1.19/100g): The grey mullet is farmed in Singapore, off the coast of Lim Chu Kang. The oil-rich fish is high in omega-3, vitamin B6, niacin as well as selenium. Its flesh has a medium to firm texture and a rich, distinctive flavour.

●Red Snapper (S$1.79/100g, U.P.S$1.89/100g): Easily recognised by its red skin and pinkish tinge, this fish has a firm texture and a nutty and mildly sweet flavour. It is a good source of vitamins B6 and 12, D and E as well as minerals such as magnesium and selenium. Grill, bake or pan-fry it!

● Golden Pomfret (S$1.39/100g): Low in sodium and high in omega-3, vitamins B12 and D, this fish has a firm and sweet flesh. The fish can be prepared Teochew style with preserved mustards and tomatoes or deep-fried to a golden-brown perfection.

● Milk Fish (S$0.59/100g): The national fish of the Philippines, the milk fish is rich in vitamins B6 and 12, niacin, phosphorus and selenium. It is also a favourite fish in Taiwan, used for porridge and even snacks.

Dedicated to delivering high-quality produce, Jurong Frog Farm has an unfailing adherence to a strict policy against the use of hormones and antibiotics.

Fresh Frog Meat ($2.69/100g): Delivered directly from the farm, the frog meats are transported in our reefer trucks, taking no more than 18 hours to reach the shelves of our local supermarkets. No hormones, antibiotics or steroids are used in livestock rearing as well. 

Associated with Bean Farm Pte Ltd, Sakura Sprouts offers a range of bean sprouts, all grown with proper care to maximise the potential nutritional value of each bean type.

Sakura Bean Sprouts ($1.45):  Grown in one of the oldest bean sprout farms in Singapore, Sakura’s bean sprouts are harvested daily, and subsequently vacuum-packed to maintain and prolong their freshness. With the help of the lactobacillus during the germinating process, each bean sprout is able to fully absorb the inherent nutrients from the bean. This gives each bean sprout a delightfully fresh taste and a crunchy bite.

One of Singapore’s leading local vegetable farms, Yili Farm places great emphasis on ensuring that its customers are receiving fresh and nutritious vegetables. The farm dedicates itself to adopting modernised vegetable-growing methods, and will continue to deliver its best to their customers.

●Cai Xin Hua (菜心花) ($1.85): Due to its thick stems, it is juicy and has the highest level of calcium amongst vegetables. It also boosts immunity with its high beta-carotene and vitamin C levels. When pressed into juices, it can detox your liver and improve skin quality.

● Xiao Bai Cai (小白菜) ($1.85): It has a very mild flavour and a sweet aftertaste. Like most leafy greens, it is a good source of vitamins A and C. It is also rich in minerals such as calcium, potassium and iron, which are vital for a healthy heart rate and blood pressure regulation.

● Sharp Spinach (尖头苋菜) ($1.70): The leaves are generally sweet with a slight tangy taste. It is great for kids as it is one of the healthiest and most nutritious vegetables, given that it is extremely rich in vitamins A, B, C and protein.

Enjoy the benefits of local produce and taste the freshness of home in every bite and here’s why you should get local produce as follows: 
🔹Fresher and more nutritious (Singapore-farmed produce reach supermarkets within a much shorter time period, thereby retaining higher levels of freshness and nutrients).
🔹High standards of food hygiene as Singapore farms have to adhere to strict agricultural regulations.
🔹For the eco-conscious warriors, local produce have a lower carbon footprint 
Support our local heroes by choosing local produce starting from your next grocery trip! Keep a lookout for the ‘SG Fresh Produce’ logo, which will help you identify eggs, fish, vegetables and all types of local produce that’s been proudly nurtured in Singapore. Find out more and shop online at
Featured Image credit to NTUC FairPrice

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