Fund raising for charity event

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The world is moving at a faster pace than ever, people are leading busy lifestyles full of personal and career orientated activities and kids are no different. Their tiny schedules are jam packed with school, family, sports, and friends. Now is the time to help inspire them with the spirit of giving. True charity is not just about getting your wallet out when tragedy strikes, it is about hands on actions that make a difference in the lives of others and active fund raising for local and global causes.

When Gor Gor first learn about the fund raising event, he is so motivated and he wanted to help out to raise money for the charity. We are very inspired by his desire and decide to support him. It is a meaningful day for both Gor Gor and Di Di who will be experiencing hands-on charity for the first time.


This is the first time Gor Gor has taken part in a fund raising event. He will be responsible for selling brownies.


Di Di says: “My parents said I am too young to help sell brownies, so I am here to support the fund raising event, by giving donations for the food instead. Yum Yum! I am looking forward to the tasty cookies and brownies!”

Gor Gor waits for his first customer. “Please support the charity, please buy brownies at $5 each!! They are simply delicious!!”

Here comes the first customer of the day! “Hi Gor Gor, I am your first customer, I will buy 2 boxes from you.”


“Here you go, $10 for 2 boxes.”


“Di Di, where do you get the money from?”


“I got the money from Mummy and Daddy.  I am on a mission, Gor Gor, to support the charity.”


“Good Di Di! Enjoy the brownies! Remember to keep a box for me!”


Gor Gor and Di Di : “We stopped what we were doing and posed for a photo as the event photographer saw us and said we are so cute. He wanted to take a photo of us. Thank you, Uncle!”


“Oh my, the brownies are so tasty!”


“Mummy, I have completed my mission, can you hug me? ”

As parents, we encourage Gor Gor and Di Di to take part in charity events and fund raising activities to instill in them the value of helping others. We want to make charity a way of life for our children as it is for us.Gor Gor has been working hard on preparing the brownies, decorating and packing them into boxes. He was also needed to work on writing the labels and signboards. During this process, he learned that he is doing this to help raise funds and how this money will go towards helping those in need.

GorGor also thanked his wonderful School teachers who helped the class in preparing for the fund raising event.

Di Di is too young to volunteer and he will learn to contribute by buying from Gor Gor and his friends who are selling. It is never too early for a young child to start observing the caring actions of their parents and siblings. Watching others is how they learn what matters most!


When children learn to contribute to society by helping others in need they not only learn valuable lessons but they also receive a boost in their own self esteem that comes from knowing they are making a difference in the lives of others. Encouraging children to take part in charitable activities from a young age will help them develop into morally strong adults who care about their families, communities and the world around them.


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  1. love watching these most adorable little boys and their loving days. Their interaction with each other is priceless. Wish I could reach into my Smart phone’s screen and hug these precious sweet childreen. ay God Bless these adorable, smart little sons

  2. Joel Kobayashi on

    I keep coming back to watch these photo when I need a smile! These little boys are absolutely precious