Get doodling at the Singapore Night Festival with Sk(r)etch by Ca Kway Teow x 3M

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Sk(r)etch, an interactive bus stop installation, will be presented at the Singapore Night Festival 2019 by 3M and Ca Kway Teow, a group of student architectural designers and artists from the National University of Singapore. 

Taking inspiration from childhood ‘mischiefs’ of doodling and the role that public spaces play in connecting communities through shared memories, Sk(r)etch seeks to encourage the public to re-experience the bus stop, a common everyday space for most Singaporeans, as a platform to engage with one another through art. Four Singaporean motifs will be revealed as the public scratches through the black paint. 
Details below: 
Sk(r)etch by Ca Kway Teow x 3M
Venue: Queen Street (outside Kum Yan Methodist Church) (Zone 4)
Dates: 23 – 31 August 2019
Time: 7.30pm – 12mn
In a nation governed by an obsession with cleanliness, discipline and efficiency, everyday spaces like a bus stop exist as oddly familiar yet sterile markers of our daily lives. Inspired by childhood “mischiefs” of doodling on everything – Ca Kway Teow invites everyone to loosen up and get in touch with their inner child in this alternative space.
Sk(r)etch is where the public is encouraged to leave their marks, quite literally, by scratching off the paint to reveal bright colours and patterns, created using 3M™ Reflective Sheeting, that come together to tell Singapore’s story.
Ca Kway Teow presents Sk(r)etch in collaboration with global science company 3M.

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