Global Unilever Brands Dove, Vaseline, POND’S SKIN INSTITUTE and CLEAR Joined Forces to Combat Misinformation in Skincare and Haircare

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Unilever Beauty & Wellbeing brands come together at 25th World Congress of Dermatology with immersive House of Beauty & Wellbeing: Science Edition!

Over a hundred world-leading dermatologists gathered at Unilever Beauty & Wellbeing’s immersive House of Beauty & Wellbeing: Science Edition to address misinformation and pseudo-science in the skincare industry. The event, hosted at Capella Manors in Singapore, coincided with the 25th World Congress of Dermatology.

House of Beauty & Wellbeing: Science Edition encouraged guests to help improve the beauty industry’s social media landscape by sharing #DermFacts. This initiative calls attention to the importance of transmitting scientific information in skincare and haircare communications to consumers. It follows findings by Unilever brand Simple (‘The Simple Truth Report’) that 80% agree that misinformation is rife in the sector, while 73% feel as though social media can be a source of confusion. As a result, 87% of consumers are demanding change.

Jason Harcup, Global Vice President for Skin Care Research & Development, said: “The message from our consumers has been loud and clear: they want to see a change in how the skincare industry addresses misinformation and pseudo-science, particularly on social media. We’ve therefore asked guests to our event to share #DermFacts – championing the science, demonstrations and facts behind our products.”  

He added: “The initiative is a true partnership between some of Unilever Beauty & Wellbeing’s most iconic brands who had the opportunity to showcase their innovations at House of Beauty & Wellbeing: Science Edition. Through the event, leading dermatologists were able to learn more about the cutting-edge technologies which power our superior products.” 

The products and the technologies underpinning them which were demonstrated at House of Beauty & Wellbeing: Science Edition debunk a series of myths across the industry. These myths have further exacerbated the problem of social media misinformation across the beauty sector and given credibility to pseudoscience.   

Guests learned about: 


Dove Hair Therapy Breakage Remedy Shampoo, $17.05 for 380ml

Dove Hair Therapy Breakage Remedy Serum + Conditioner, $17.05 for 230ml

  • Many believe that shampoos and conditioners only work on the surface level of hair.   
  • However, Dove’s patented technology – Fiber Repair Actives – penetrates into the core of the hair, meaning damage is repaired from within. It progressively nourishes at the core, so consumers’ hair gets stronger, wash after wash.​  
  • Dove Hair Therapy – Breakage Remedy formula with Bio-Cellular Complex Technology offers superior care at a cellular level, reversing damage for hair that is 10x stronger, smoother, and more beautiful, with 99% less breakage.  
  • Many also believe that all bar soaps are harsh and strip the skin of essential nutrients. 
  • However, the Dove Beauty Bar mildly cleanses the skin whilst it cleans, replenishing up to 100 natural ceramides.   
  • For more than 60 years, the Dove Beauty Bar has been cleansing and moisturising the skin, and with our ¼ moisturizing cream, it leaves the face and body feeling soft, smooth, and more radiant than ordinary soap. 

Now available at Watsons stores/ online and Guardian stores/ online. 


Vaseline Gluta-Hya Dewy Radiance, $14.55 for 330ml & $4.95 for 70ml

Vaseline Gluta-Hya Flawless Bright, $14.55 for 330ml & $4.95 for 70ml

Vaseline Gluta-Hya Overnight Radiance Repair, $15.35 for 330ml & $5.20 for 70ml

  • Many believe that Glutathione is a popular ingredient that is effective in brightening when applied topically. 
  • However, Vaseline’s patented GlutaGlow™ technology is superior to topical Glutathione application because it supplies the skin with three micro-amino acids that the skin can use as precursors to create its own Glutathione from within, giving you clinically proven radiance.  
  • The GlutaGlow™ blockbuster technology is 10X more powerful than Vitamin C for dewy and glowing skin. It’s clinically proven to boost skin radiance by 75% and fade dark spots by 30% in just one week.  

Now available at Watsons stores/online and Guardian stores/online. 


CLEAR Scalpceauticals Shampoo, $14.90 for 300ml

CLEAR Scalpceautical Conditoner, $14.90 for 300ml

CLEAR Scalpceautical Serum, $15.90 for 45ml

CLEAR Scalp Pro Anti-Hairfall Fortifying Shampoo, $14.90 for 300ml

CLEAR Scalp Pro Anti-Hairfall Fortifying Serum, $18.90 for 70ml

  • Many believe anti-dandruff products are only effective for removing dandruff.  
  • However, CLEAR – as the leading scalp expert brand – is able to deliver beyond anti-dandruff by offering superior scalp health benefits. Its products are clinically designed and proven to strengthen scalp barrier with functional level skin care ingredients, preventing dandruff from coming back. Beyond removing dandruff, the new Anti-Hair Fall range is also known to reduce hair fall from the scalp. 
  • New CLEAR Scalp-Pro for Men and New Clear Scalpceuticals for Women is powered by Follilock™ technology in the shampoo, clinically proven to reduce hair fall within 30 days by maintaining a healthy scalp environment. Both ranges also feature a new and innovative serum, powered by Dynoxidil™ technology, which balances the proteolytic activity in the follicle to help reduce excessive hair loss. The full range is clinically proven to reduce hair fall by >2,800 strands for women and >6,000 strands for men. 

Now available at Watsons stores/online, Guardian stores/online and Fairprice.

Chow Jiahui, Singapore Guest, said: “It was definitely a very insightful experience because I got to understand a lot more about these science and research that goes into the formulation of all the products that are so commonly used all the time. These are brands that I have been seeing and using for many years and to understand the extensive research that goes into it gives me a lot more confidence about the brands, how they will protect my skin and wellbeing. I am also pleasantly surprised to learn about the new technologies that the brands are coming up with to combat new skin problems that consumers may experience and it shows how the brands are listening and addressing the concerns that consumers have.” 

In 2022, Unilever Beauty & Wellbeing delivered underlying sales growth of 7.8%, which represents 20% of Unilever’s annual turnover. Beauty & Wellbeing is a €12 billion business in revenue in the fast-growing beauty and health & wellbeing markets and is home is to global brands such as Dove, SheaMoisture, Simple, Sunsilk, TRESemmé, Vaseline, and CLEAR. 

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