Goddess: Brave. Bold. Beautiful. Opens at ArtScience Museum on 6 April

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ArtScience Museum is proud to present an exhilarating new exhibition, “Goddess: Brave. Bold. Beautiful.” Set to make its Asian premiere on 6th April, this exhibition promises to take visitors on a captivating journey through 120 years of moving image history, highlighting the glamorous screen legends who have left an indelible mark on cinema from classic Hollywood to modern-day Asia.

In a world where actresses are often stereotyped as bombshells, starlets, or screen sirens, “Goddess” aims to shatter these stereotypes, portraying the featured actresses as dynamic powerhouses who have not only graced the silver screen but have also defied societal norms, challenged narratives, and broken boundaries both on and off-screen. From Michelle Yeoh’s awe-inspiring martial arts prowess to Anna Tsuchiya subverting the enduring stereotypes of Japanese cinema and Laverne Cox’s advocacy for marginalised communities, these Goddess represent resilience, strength, and a redefinition of femininity. 

Visitors can explore the lesser-known stories of screen icons throughout the galleries

This latest iteration of the exhibition, a collaboration between ArtScience Museum and ACMI, Australia’s national museum of screen culture in Melbourne, pays homage to Asian film luminaries like Maggie Cheung, Anna May Wong, and Gong Li. With a focus on these influential figures, the exhibition highlights their significant contributions, offering insight into how they have shaped our modern perception of screen goddesses.

Homegrown actress Fann Wong made a special appearance at the exhibition

Russel Wong poses next to his blue litograph print of Chinese-American actress Joan Chen

The exhibition also features beloved local actress Fann Wong and renowned Singaporean fashion and celebrity photographer Russel Wong, who graced the opening preview of “Goddess” with their presence. Their inclusion adds a touch of local flavour and further highlights the global reach and influence of these cinematic goddesses.

Spanning eight zones, the exhibition unfolds to narrate captivating and often overlooked tales of women in film. Through a collection of behind-the-scenes photographs, archival materials, projections, and exquisite original costumes donned by iconic actresses like Marilyn Monroe, Zendaya, Michelle Yeoh, and Zhang Ziyi, visitors are encouraged to rediscover the intricate personas, shared resilience, and boundless creativity of both pioneering and contemporary stars who have reshaped our perception of what it means to embody the essence of a Goddess.

ArtScience Museum has also curated a series of engaging public programs to complement “Goddess: Brave. Bold. Beautiful.” From immersive film screenings that celebrate the extraordinary leading ladies of Hollywood and contemporary cinema to hands-on stunt masterclasses taught by professional performers, there’s something for visitors of all ages to enjoy and explore. 

From 1 April, ArtScience Cinema expands on the themes explored in Goddess and celebrates the extraordinary leading ladies of Hollywood and contemporary cinema through free screenings and film programmes across the exhibition’s run. 

Visitors can also unleash their action prowess and learn the tricks of the trade with a three-hour stunt masterclass taught by professional stunt performers. Other masterclasses to look forward to in the coming months include channeling one’s inner self with makeup classes and dramatic storytelling sessions for children.

Goddess: Brave. Bold. Beautiful. is a celebration of female empowerment, resilience, and creativity in the world of cinema. Running from 6th April to 11th August 2024, this exhibition is not to be missed. Whether you’re a film aficionado, a champion of gender equality, or simply someone who appreciates the artistry of storytelling, “Goddess” invites you to rediscover the timeless allure and enduring influence of cinema’s most iconic leading ladies.

Don’t miss your chance to experience “Goddess: Brave. Bold. Beautiful.” at ArtScience Museum. Book your tickets now and embark on a journey through the mesmerising world of female cinematic powerhouses. For more information and ticketing, please visit here

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