Gor Gor and Di Di at Universal Studio Part 2

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Wow, where is this place with two GIANTS statues? We are at the entrance of “Revenge of the Mummy” ride which is a high speed roller coaster. The minimum height to take the ride is 122cm. Gor Gor’s height just passed 120cm but not reaching 122cm yet. We can’t take this ride and leave Gor Gor outside, so we again decide to skip this ride. Gor Gor is suggesting that we should come back again towards the end of the year, school holidays to take the rides.

Next stop is the children friendly ride, “Treasure Hunters“.

I am queuing up to take the ride. This ride is very suitable for me, it is an outdoor motor car ride where young treasure hunter get to ride on vintage motor car for an exciting visit through an abandoned excavation area. To take this ride, children under 122cm must be accompanied by a supervising adult. 
Look out for those cobras!!
Look out for the alligators too!!
Since kindergarten, Gor Gor is so fascinated with Dinosaurs. His favourite is Tyrannosaurus Rex (T-Rex) which is one of the largest land carnivores of all time. After Transformers the Ride, the next one that he is looking forward to is “The Lost World“, he is looking forward to see the Dinosaurs.

Gor Gor at the entrance of Jurassic Park of “The Lost World”. Gor Gor like many of the children his age have not seen all the movies of Jurassic Park so Mummies and Daddies have to fill them in on what are the movies about so that they will be able to appreciate the ride better.

A chart on the size of all the dinosaurs
Before entering the ride area, we are advised to buy raincoat as the possibility of getting wet is very high! 
I am all ready to be splashed and get wet
This is an outdoor river raft ride and true enough, it is advisable to buy raincoat as water are splashing for all areas and when you least expected it especially for the ladies, be careful of your handbags and cover it. Be careful of your photography and video equipment too.
There is a height restriction for those under 107cm cannot take the ride and children between 107cm to 122cm must be accompanied by an adult. 
Gor Gor enjoys this ride, he gets to see the dinosaurs and have fun getting splashed by the water. He kept screaming and squeaking with delight throughout the ride.

I love Dinosaurs!

We were told that besides Jurassic Park, another place that you will get wet is Waterworld so do keep your raincoat if you want to sit at the wet zone area. However if you don’t wish to get wet, Waterworld has dry zone area where you be safe from all the splashing. 
Gor Gor at the entrance of Waterworld
This is Waterworld, I can’t wait to see the show
Before the show starts, the actors will entertain the audience, they are now choosing someone from the audience to come and act with them.
Oh yes, those sitting at the wet zone area will get wet as the actors will tease the audience during the show and splash water at them.
The above show is based on the movie “Waterworld” with the attempt to thrill the audience with stunts and real explosion.
I am at Far Far Away land where you can see the fairy tales characters
Fairy Godmother will cast a spell and make your wishes come true!
Hmm … I wonder is Mummy excited about fairy tales and castles when she is little?
Hi Shrek, where are your friends, the donkey? Where is Puss the Cat?
There you are Puss the Cat, Shrek told me that you are here. I like to imitate your famous look to amuse Mummy.

I used to be able to make Mummy laugh whenever I do this but recently I found that she is not so amused when I am naughty and try to pull of with the famous Puss the Cat, innocent doe eye look.

Can you spot me and Mummy sitting on the roller coaster?
Look how high it is Mummy? We are at Enchanted Airways which is an outdoor family roller coaster. There is a height restriction, those under 92cm cannot take the ride. Children between 92cm and 122cm must be accompanied by an adult.
Wheeee, what a turn !!!
I am now at Madagascar: A Crate Adventure, it is an indoor river boat ride where it tells a story of the four heros of Madagascar river adventure. There is a height restriction for those below 80cm cannot take the ride. Children between 80cm to 122cm must be accompanied by an adult.
Lights Camera Action! is where we get to see a show about the movie special effect. What we are going to see is the special effects being applied to an empty soundstage of a Category 5 hurricane that is about to hit New York City. Children under 122cm must be accompanied by an adult.
After the show, Gor Gor went around the park to take pictures.
Wow! This is the BIGGEST lollipop I have ever seen
Catch my performance at the Universal Studio.

Gor Gor posing with all the vintage cars.


At Universal Studio, don’t forget to take photos with all the lovable characters that you can find. These characters take turn to move around the park, be sure to spot your favourite ones.
Gor Gor with Kung Fu Panda

Wish me luck, I am going to find Bumble Bee, my favourite transformers

I found the new Autobot transformers, do you know where Bumble Bee is?

You are so cool too, I wish I can be as strong as you.

Finally I found you, Bumble Bee!

Howdy, I have just been crowned as the young King of Universal Studios Singapore

Where is Di Di? I am missing him and I wish to share with him how much fun I have. I can’t wait for him to come and I am going to bring him round. 

Gor Gor I am here !!

Stay tune to Gor Gor and Di Di adventure at Universal Studio.

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