Gor Gor at 23 months

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Gor Gor says:

Hello everyone! Time flies, I am going to be terrific two on the 22nd of next month, Mummy prefers to call “terrific” two instead of “terrible” two. I am more like the latter now, such a headache but the joy and blessings of having me overcome everything according to my family 🙂 Praise God, children are a blessing from God =)
Since my last entry, I have progressed by leaps and bounds, I can say complete sentences now and in fact too many words that I can be pretty demanding. My parents thought it would be fun to teach me the brands of different cars and now I can name the brands of the cars when I see them. I can count very well, sing and dance. I love to dance and will keep asking mummy to dance with me. As I grow older, I have become more and more attached to my mother and I want her to be by my side whenever she is around. I am serious, she can’t leave my side.
Some of the funny incidents that Mummy would like to share. I can be very naughty and mischievous and when my Daddy scolds me, I would say to him “Mama not happy with you.” My Daddy was so amused with me. I have the habit of saying I don’t want when I am not happy and to protest and I am very attached to my mother whenever she is around. I prefer to stick to her, when she needs to leave for a while. I would cry and say I don’t want mama to protest to her whenever she leaves so when she comes back and asked me what I just said earlier, I would quickly correct myself and said “I want Mama”and gave her a mischievous grin. When I cried I will cry out loud, Mama Ai Ni in Chinese which means Mum loves you. Everyone is amused. When my Mummy is not around, I will say “No mama today??” I will shake my hand and say “Mei you” in Chinese which means don’t have sadly. Whenever I hear Barney’s “I love you” song, I will quickly look for my Mummy and hug her. Hee hee … I never fail to melt my mother’s heart. Mummy said that I make it harder for her to leave the house as I cried as if my whole world collapse. My little face will screw up and turn really red. I cried in a way that would break any heart.
I am beginning to like church and prefer it to school. My parents are thrilled when I say to them, go church okay? I will pray and say Amen loudly. I like the toddlers class in church. Mummy felt that the teachers there put in a lot of effort to make it interesting and a happy experience for the children. The songs that they sing in the class bring back a lot of memories as those are the ones that mum used to sing when she was little at Sunday school. Every lessons, the teachers will prepare handiwork for all the kids and they will always prepare goodies for the kids to bring back. Last Sunday, each kid even brought back 2 fishes in a nice container. The children are so excited. Thank you Church, Sunday school teachers for your love and hard work to make the kids happy and most importantly, thank you God for everything! We all have a wonderful time.
Mummy is bringing me to her staff day on the 10th November and she is hoping that I won’t cry as they will be sitting the glass cable car at Sentosa. I have never sit in a cable car before. Wow, it is going to be real exciting.

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