Gor Gor visit to National Library – a trip to memory lane

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The one week school holiday is almost over. Gor Gor has been asking Daddy to bring him to National Library as he says there are more books than his school library.
So, today after Gor Gor has finished all his worksheets, Daddy brought him to National Library. Surprise, Gor Gor found the book that was written by Mummy and Daddy in 2006 and  that was 6 years ago.
Look, this is Gor Gor with the book now and Gor Gor with the book in 2006.

Gor Gor today and the book written by Mummy and Daddy
Gor Gor with the same book in 2006, he was ten months old then. This picture was taken by The New Paper when mummy was interviewed by them.


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