Gor Gor’s Meet the Parents Session

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Gor Gor’s school recently has its Meet-The-Parents Session for the teacher to update the parents on the child’s progress and any matters that parents need to take note of to enhance and improve the child’s learning. It was held in his own classroom.
His form teacher feedback that Gor Gor is a good student, he is honest and dependable. As for learning wise, his English and Mathematics are easily among the top of his class. However, we need to look at his Chinese and help him improve to be as good as his other two subjects. She also commented that Gor Gor is the Chinese Class Captain and the Pupil of the Month. Overall, she is happy with Gor Gor’s performance, behaviour and learning attitude in class. 
Chinese, one of the more fear subjects in Singapore, it is not that easy to master as compare to English. What’s more, the children are more exposed to English than Chinese. Most of their books, toys, games and favourite TV programs and movies are all from Western Countries eg US. 
Although his school has been traditionally labelled as being weak in Chinese but we do notice that the school has put in effort to change that. Gor Gor’s Chinese teacher is very strict with marking and she has put in a lot of effort to correct and place emphasis on the proper writing of Chinese characters. As with his form teacher, his Chinese teacher constantly send email to us to update on what was being taught, what to prepare and how to enhance his learning.

During this school holidays, Gor Gor will be working hard to improve on his weaker subject Chinese. He will go through all that was taught in School, practise them and to cultivate his interests in this subject, reading is a good way. Gor Gor has chosen a number of Chinese children story books to read and after each book that he has read, he will be tested to see how much he has learn and understand from the story. 

The School holidays are here, stay tune to see what Gor Gor and Di Di are up to. Have a meaningful and fun holidays.


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